Women Anthem by Pune Music Artists The State Bus


Women Anthem is a recently released song by the band The State Bus. The song is all about women’s empowerment in the times of sexual and verbal abuse of the female gender in today’s times.

Women Anthem

Women Anthem is the original song composed by the Pune based band called The State Bus. Says Milind Shegokar of the band, “The song is dedicated to all superwomen to fight back sexual abuse. We thought of this song ever since the #metoo movement took a shape and became a campaign. In India, where women are already subjected to so much of evils and cruelties, the band thought of an anthem than every female should listen to and acquire a fighting spirit within.”

This song is an experimental rock creation and the lyrics were written by the director/lyricist from Mumbai, Avi Sandhu. He is the one who directed the video, too. Samuel Joshua, the lead guitarist, composed the music and Milind Shegokar sang and arranged vocals for the song. Milan Meitei, the keyboardist did the overall song arrangement.

The State Bus Origin

This band went by the name of MS Projects in the beginning. However, they functioned under this name for 7-8 months, only. An incident prompted them to change the name to The State bus. A few years back, some communities in Maharashtra, India were up in arms for reservation for their communities. Right then, this band had an event coming up and they had to travel to a town, some distance away.

The travel agency canceled their booking for the large Innova car. Then, they had no other alternative than to travel on the state transport bus, with rickety travel and no facilities. One band member traveled, with the musical instruments, in the only Innova they received from their travel agent.

At that time, this band realized that whatever happens around the world, the only reliable means of travel is the state transport bus. They could also see that the state bus did not discriminate between the rich or the poor. In the same way, this band does not discriminate between different genres of music. Interesting, eh?


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