Carmichael, Song of the Day: “Waves”


Local Indianapolis band Carmichael mixes their folk and rock roots with a bit more of an edge on the track, “Waves”, from their 2019 album, “Memories Are Rolling Credits”.

Lately, we’ve been covering a lot of the local bands who competed in this year’s Battle of the Bands. And while that does yield some great music, sometimes it can result in overlooking some of the other groups in the area. To make up for that fact, we’ll be talking about one of those groups today. Their name, Carmichael. Their genre of choice, unclear. It seems like they prefer to jump around a bit when it comes to that.

So before we get into our song of the day, here’s a little more information about Carmichael. For those who either haven’t heard of them, or are just a little curious.


Carmichael is a five piece Americana, indie rock, and folk band from Indianapolis. Carmichael’s founding members and primary songwriters are Eric Carmichael and Nick Christie. Hailing from a small suburb in a land-locked world of car dealerships, high school basketball games, and empty lots, Eric and Nick sowed the seeds of what they call the “Marion Sound.”

When Costin Ritter joined, the pair was gifted the rhythmic stylings of Ringo Starr and Levon Helm, kindly flavored with a pinch of Latin and Bossa Nova when applicable or feeling spicy. With the addition of Jamie Mahan’s country space-rock swirling, soul-exorcizing palm-slides, and Jeff Lynn-like synthesizer super-swells, Carmichael evolved into what it is today.

Carmichael released their first single, “Because I said I Would” in 2016, followed up by their self-titled debut album in 2017. Since then, they’ve released a few other singles, along with their sophomore album, “Memories Are rolling Credits”, that was released in 2019.

Carmichael consists of members Eric Carmichael, Nick Christie, Lindsay Harness,
J Jamie Mahan, and Costin Ritter.


“Waves” is a slightly different song for Carmichael, who usually go for the Americana and folk vibes. But on this track, they bring out a little bit more of their rock edge. While it may be a sound they’re not as practiced in, Carmichael show their versatility with “Waves”, and bring up a good argument for why they don’t stay settled in one genre.

Lindsay Harness’ vocals are a great addition to the track as well. Not only does she do the heavy lifting of carrying the song’s energy, but she also does it with the use of evocative and poignant lyrics.

The heavier use of distortion in “Waves” isn’t heard in as many of Carmichael’s songs. But it really does fit them. They seem to have a tendency to restrain themselves from going too heavy, which ends up working really well, as they pay more attention to the melodies as a result. There’s a bombastic quality to “Waves” that I’d like to hear more of from Carmichael. As a result, it turns out “Waves” is so far my favorite track from this Indianapolis group.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Carmichael’s “Waves” is a solid, Americana and rock-influenced track. I wouldn’t consider myself a country fan, and what I’d heard from Carmichael before made me think of them as an indie-country group. But “Waves” has officially changed my mind on that. If you haven’t heard it yet, then you’re missing out on a hidden gem that this Indy band has to offer. Hopefully, Carmichael has some more tracks in this vein coming up in the future. Because if they do, they’ve potentially got one more fan in their corner.

If you enjoyed listening to “Waves”, you can listen to more from Carmichael by visiting them on Spotify. You can also find out more information on Carmichael by going to their website.

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