Kishore Kumar-Manna Dey Duets


Today’s second post is about Kishore Kumar-Manna Dey Duets. Kishore Kumar and Manna Dey had not only distinct voices but one is untrained and the other was trained in classical music. But for some reason, their duets do not show the drawback Kishore Kumar had. I am not sure, who adjusted their voice. The duets are as if, both of them were born to sing them and sing them in combo. Kudos to them!

Bollywood and Kishore Kumar-Manna Dey Duets

Mere pyale mein… Aamir-Garib (1974)

Is ishq mein har… Mr. Romeo (1974)

Yeh dosti… Sholay (1975)

Duniya mein jeene… Naukri (1978)

Kamal hai… Karz (1980)

Phool chaahiye na… Pyas (1982)

Tu hi mera sapna… Maqqaar (1986)


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