Karwan guzar gaya gubar dekhte rahe – Mohammad Rafi – Roshan – Tanuja/Rajeev | Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal (1966)


As a child, I did not know anything about lyricists or music composers or even the singers (Bollywood or otherwise) for that matter. I would just like the song, perhaps, due to the lyrics. Then, I began recognizing the singers’ voices in songs. One of the first singers, who attracted me to his songs was Mohammad Rafi Sahab. Karwan guzar gaya gubar dekhte rahe has been a favorite of mine, primarily because Mohammad Rafi Sahab has sung this very beautifully.

During childhood, when I began gathering knowledge about the background of the songs like the contribution of the lyricists and music composers, I began liking this song due to Neeraj Sahab’s beautiful poetry in it. Neeraj Sahab was a great poet and his poems have been published in different publications. This is one such song. In the credits, the makers of the movie have thanked the publishers of this poem – M/s Atmaram and Sons – for allowing them to use it in the movie.

Movie – Nayi Umar Ki Nayai Fasal (1966)

Karwan guzar gaya gubar dekhte rahe appeared in Shri Vishwa Bharati Films’ socio-political drama Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal (1966) produced and directed by R Chandra. The movie starred Tanuja, Rajeev and Ulhas.

Rajeev (Rajeev) and Shail (Tanuja) are students and have opposite opinions about students joining politics. But, Rajeev and Shail are in love and meet often in the evenings. The information about their dating reaches their mothers and the elderly women decide that post their kids’ final exams, they will tie the sacred knot.

Mr. Verma, a well-wisher of these students, is standing for election. But, someone is trying to convince Mr. Verma to step down from the election platform, by hook or by crook. The man’s eyes fall on Mr. Verma’s friend, i.e. these students. He tries to convince Rajeev to stand for the elections. The seed of descent has been sown.

When Rajeev joins politics, it creates turmoil in not only his relationship with his beloved Shail but also with his mother and brother. But, Shail’s mother (Shobhana Samarth) convinces her to help Rajeev return from the road of destruction that he has taken. Shail anonymously tries to help Rajeev’s family during their financial difficulties. Soon, the students find out that the man, who convinced Rajeev to stand for the elections, was trying to cheat them and was working for an industrialist.

The elections are completed and the votes are counted. Rajeev’s friends celebrate since he is ahead of the others. But, at the last moment, he loses to Mr. Verma by one vote. Completely dejected, he starts walking toward his hostel and the weather becomes windy. He sings this song, at this time.

Song – Karwan guzar gaya gubar dekhte rahe

The music of Neeraj Sahab’s lyrics in the song Karwan guzar gaya gubar dekhte rahe was composed by Roshan.

The song is all about the dejection the man has faced in his life. After all, he realizes that life is not a bed of roses.

Video – Karwan guzar gaya gubar dekhte rahe

Cinematography is by M Rajaram.

The video opens with Rajeev walking on a road with a lot of stones on it. There is a transistor in his path, which he kicks aside. He is picking on the flower garland, he has around his neck; tearing the flowers, asunder. Rajeev’s friends are also crying and move away from him.

At this point, Rajeev sings, “Karwan guzar gaya gubar dekhte rahe”. His friends are seen passing by as he looks at them. When all the friends move away, the wind creates a cloud on the ground. The shot is very symbolic and beautiful.

Rajeev is seen among leafless trees; again, it symbolizes the situation. Some flashback is shown. A newly married bride is being taken inside a palanquin. Soon, it appears that she has lost her husband.

Her dejection is shown as she wipes off the vermillion on her hair parting (symbol of a married woman with husband). It shows that the bride has been widowed even before she reaches her husband’s home. In the next shot, the bride is not present inside the palanquin.

The song peters out and the video ends as Rajeev reaches the hostel and locks himself up in his room. The cinematography has been done very beautifully. Though captured in black and white, the symbolism expressed in the song is very apparent.


This song is sung by Mohammad Rafi for Rajeev and others are also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

There is not much cultural influence on this song. But, this is a philosophical song and a lot of symbolism has been used here.  The song and the artists are fantastic. The video is watchable.


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