Bollywoody Nazrana


You give a gift to someone on special occasions or if you like the person. Gifting should be within the budget of the person giving it. Otherwise, the person will have debts in their lives, which they will often be unable to return. In Bollywood movies, gifts or Nazrana is given on different occasions like in real life. But, the essential ingredient of the gift includes a song that follows the situation. I decided to explore this quality of Bollywood music-makers that attracts the audience to the movies. Thus, my post on Bollywoody Nazrana came into being.

Bollywoody Nazrana

Some of my favorite Bollywood songs with the word Nazrana are:

Koi nazrana lekar aaya hoon main deewana tere liye… Aan Milo Sajna (1970)

Dilka nazranale… Chaalaak (1973)

Nazrana bheja kisine pyar ka… Des Pardes (1978)

Bahonke ghere mein mausam baharka deewana laaya hai nazrana pyarka… Nazrana Pyarka (1980)


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