Isko bhi apnata chal – Mohammad Rafi – Roshan – Rajeev | Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal (1966)


Movie – Nayi Umar Ki Nayai Fasal (1966)

Isko bhi apnata chal appeared in Shri Vishwa Bharati Films’ socio-political drama Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal (1966) produced and directed by R Chandra. The movie starred Tanuja, Rajeev and Ulhas.

Rajeev (Rajeev) and Shail (Tanuja) are students and have opposite opinions about students joining politics. But, Rajeev and Shail are in love and meet often in the evenings. The information about their dating reaches their mothers and the elderly women decide that post their kids’ final exams, they will tie the sacred knot. Mr. Verma, a well-wisher of these students, is standing for election. But, someone is trying to convince Mr. Verma to step down from the election platform, by hook or by crook. The man’s eyes fall on Mr. Verma’s friend, i.e. these students. He tries to convince Rajeev to stand for the elections. The seed of descent has been sowed.

Mr. Verma is building a hospital for poor people and during the inauguration he organizes a mushaiyara, in which Rajeev participates. This is the song he sings as his contribution to the mushaiyara.

Song – Isko bhi apnata chal

The music of Neeraj Sahab’s lyrics in the song Isko bhi apnata chal was composed by Roshan.

The man sings, “Accept everyone. We are the travelers of the same road. Offer your love to all.”

Video – Isko bhi apnata chal

Cinematography is by M Rajaram.

The video opens with Rajeev standing in front of the mike and beginning to sing this song. The audience consists of Tanuja and his other friends. The friends appreciate the song. So do the poets sitting behind him on the stage. Soon, the song peters out and the video ends there.


This song is sung by Mohammad Rafi for Rajeev and Tanuja and others are in the audience.

Cultural Influence

There is not much cultural influence on this song. The artist laments the unstoppable killing in the society in the name of religion and other discriminatory criteria. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable.


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