Veseria, Album Review: “RLTVTY”


Local Indianapolis band Veseria blends together influences from rock, punk, folk, blues, and more in their 2017 album, “RLTVTY”.

We’ve covered a lot of local music over the past few weeks. With the Battle of the Bands ending, however, we now have a chance to go back and take a closer look at some more great music from Indy. Even though Veseria didn’t end up making it to the finals last week, they’re still one of our favorites in town. So we thought we’d give them a little boost this week by going back and covering their last full length album.

But before we dive into “RLTVTY”, first here’s a little more information about Veseria, for those who either haven’t heard of them, or are just a little curious.


Veseria is a five piece rock band based in Indianapolis that was founded in 2010. So for the purposes of tracking Indy’s music through the past decade, they’re a perfect candidate. Musically, the group constructs songs that blend together the genres of folk, classic rock, punk, and blues. So, pretty much everything. While this smattering of influences may result in an inconsistent sound in less experienced bands, Veseria manages to weave together the disparate threads into a wonderfully-knit sonic cap, that wraps comfortably around your head as you listen.

Fronted by the husband and wife songwriting team of Jennifer (vocals, guitar) and Patrick Roberts (vocals, guitar), Veseria also includes members Kyle Perkon (drums), Phil Sloan (bass), and Ben Jarvis (trumpet).

Although they were founded in 2010, Veseria didn’t release their debut album, “Voyager”, until 2014. In 2015, they released their EP, “Songs of War”, followed up by a split vinyl collaboration with local Indy band Brother O’ Brother. In 2017, Veseria released their second album, “RLTVTY”. Their most recent release was the 2018 EP, “Post Party Depression: Part I”, with plans for a Part II to be released in the future.


“RLTVTY” starts off with the track, “And Also”, which eases you into the album while simultaneously pumping you up for what’s to come. Fans of their most recent “Post Party Depression: Part I” may find it a bit mild at first. But by the end of this track, they’ll be reassured that Veseria have always been able to bring that fiery energy to their sound.

On that note, the very next track, “Zenobia” gives us a little more of that classic Veseria sound that we were looking for. It’s electrically charged blues and rock vibes with Jen Roberts’ powerful vocals definitely hit the spot.

On a totally separate note, we get some heavy folk rock vibes from the next track, “The First Law of Thermodynamics”. The folk vibes are so apparent, there’s even a banjo thrown in there. While it’s a different Veseria than the one I’m used to, I can still get behind it. But Veseria give us the flip side of it right after with “Citykids (Thermodynamics Reprise)”. Rather than giving your ears whiplash, this back and forth cements Veseria’s ability to effortlessly switch between genres.

One of the highlight tracks for “RLTVTY” has got to be “Hunting Accidents”. While the progression itself isn’t so out there, the heavy beat and interspersing guitar riff has the effect of drawing you in further. And as always, Jen Roberts’ vocals play a large role in carrying the song.

Final Thoughts

We didn’t get to cover every single track from “RLTVTY”, but trust us when we say they’re all worth listening to. While the album may not be as polished as the shorter “Post Party Depression: Part I” EP, it’s still got plenty of gems on it. Overall, it’s got our recommendation. If you’re looking for some local music but don’t want to lower your standards, Veseria should be on whatever list you’re using to narrow down the next band to check out.

If you enjoyed this review of “RLTVTY”, you can listen to more from Veseria on Bandcamp. You can also find out more information about Veseria on Facebook, or go to their website for even more.

Finally, for more coverage on the local Indy music scene, be sure to check out the LemonWire Music Corner, where we’re showcasing local artists from the Indianapolis community.


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