Romantic Mohammad Rafi


Mohammad Rafi Sahab has sung songs in different moods. Beginning with this article, we will explore his songs from the point of view of the emotions and rasas; he has expressed in these songs. This post includes the songs having the Romantic Mohammad Rafi. Mohammad Rafi Sahab is one of the very few singers, who have been able to display the Shringara rasa with élan.

Bollywood and Romantic Mohammad Rafi

Some of my favorite Bollywood romantic songs sung by Mohammad Rafi Sahab are:

Dheere chal dheere chal aye bheegi hawa… Boy Friend (1961)

Yeh wadiyan yeh fizayen… Aaj Aur Kal (1963)

Lakhon hain nigah mein… Phir Wahi Dil Laya Hoon (1963)

Aise toh na dekho… Teen Deviyan (1965)

Teri ankhon ke siwa duniya mein rakha kya hai… Chirag (1969)

Yeh reshmi zulfen… Do Raaste (1969)

Main kahin kavi na ban jaoon… Pyar Hi Pyar (1969)

Phir miloge kabhi is baat ka wada karlo… Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi (1966)

Rukhse zara naqab uthado… Mere Huzoor (1968)

Kaan mein jhumka… Sawan Bhadon (1970)


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