Dekhti hi raho aaj darpan na tum – Mukesh – Roshan – Rajeev | Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal (1966)


Movie – Nayi Umar Ki Nayai Fasal (1966)

Dekhti hi raho aaj darpan na tum appeared in Shri Vishwa Bharati Films’ socio-political drama Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal (1966) produced and directed by R Chandra. The movie starred Tanuja, Rajeev and Ulhas.

Rajeev (Rajeev) and Shail (Tanuja) are students and have opposite opinions about students joining politics. But, Rajeev and Shail are in love and meet often in the evenings. The information about their dating reaches their mothers and the elderly women decide that post their kids’ final exams, they will tie the sacred knot. Soon after this decision is taken, Rajeev visits Shail’s home and sings this song.

Song – Dekhti hi raho aaj darpan na tum

The music of Neeraj Sahab’s lyrics in the song Dekhti hi raho aaj darpan na tum was composed by Roshan.

The man sings, “Don’t continue to look at the mirror today. This sacred moment of love will leave us.”

Video – Dekhti hi raho aaj darpan na tum

Cinematography is by M Rajaram.

The video opens with Tanuja combing her hair in front of the dressing table. A male voice is heard beginning this song. Tanuja turns around to look at Rajeev, who is standing at the door of her room, singing the song.

Tanuja blushes and runs toward him, but goes to her bed and sits down on it. She ties her hair into a plait. He approaches her as she lies on the bed. She gets up again. He describes her beauty and she blushes from behind some indoor plants.

Tanuja dances around her room. She drops the edge of her sari in front of the mirror. He lifts it up and gives it to her. She places the edge of the sari at the right place on her body, turns around and places her hand on his mouth to stop his singing. The song and the video end abruptly there.


This song is sung by Mukesh for Rajeev and Tanuja is performing the song.

Cultural Influence

There is not much cultural influence on this song. It is a simple romantic song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable.


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