Down the Line 14 welcomes locals to the stage to perform legendary songs


Down the Line is back. In its 14th performance called Legends By Locals, Down the Line brings famous name songs and performers to audiences by way of local performers. The series has an inspiring effect, even if those in attendance do nothing more than sing in the shower or on the morning commute. Seen another way, Down the Line allows audiences to hear what songs inspire or are simply appreciated by their favorite local artists. Down the Line 14 is scheduled to hit the Embassy stage Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020.

Down the Line 14: this year’s lineup

The roster of performers and the legends they intend to pay homage to is rather eclectic. The Eliza Toth Band will perform songs by Dolly Parton; Scratch ‘N’ Sniff will play select songs by Linda Ronstadt; The Shelly Dixon Band is paired up with the work of Fleetwood Mac; Marnee August and Moser Woods will perform Led Zeppelin songs and Whoa! Man will perform The Bangles.

Why Down the Line matters

To the unapologetic critic who decries cover songs for any reason, Down the Line is nothing but ordinary. But for people who consider performance opportunities and locations more broadly, Down the Line is a necessity in Fort Wayne. Too often, local bands are viewed as not good enough. Which is not true. There is a tremendous amount of talent in Fort Wayne, as anyone who has been going to live music venues in the Summit City for at least five years can attest. Certainly, going back 20 or 30 years, the plethora of talent displayed by local musicians is impressive.

Often, in a typical week local bands are performing their original work (yes, there are some cover bands). So, to hear local favorites giving their best to evoke the songs and the feel of legendary artists is an extraordinary opportunity. That the event helps to support the historic Embassy Theatre is a plus.

Tickets for the event are $15. For more information about the Embassy and scheduled events, visit:

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