KISS to say farewell in Fort Wayne, Indiana


Legendary rock band KISS is saying farewell (again). Some fans might remember the band having a farewell tour during 2000-2001. But from all reports it looks like this one really is “The End of the Road.” At least that is what the band is calling their current farewell tour. The tour will stop in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Feb. 16, 2020. It has also been announced that David Lee Roth is opening for the legendary band. He is slated to perform his solo work.

Because this has happened before, it is likely that fans will be skeptical, even as they buy their tickets. After a career spanning several decades, millions of records sold and induction into the Rock Hall of Fame, maybe the band known for the makeup and antics are really saying goodbye.

Why the KISS “End of the Road Tour” matters

in the event that this is the end, love them or hate them, people know the band KISS. Even for people who would have a difficult time naming a rock band, especially a hard rock band, the name KISS is a familiar one.

First there is the look: the makeup, and in the 1980s when the band members decided to unmask themselves, it was a source of controversy, some derision and in short was a big deal.

After the makeup comes the outfits, the black, rayon or Spandex leotard-type clothing and huge platform boots – – there was nothing humble or salt of the earth about KISS, even when they sang songs like “Beth” and “Hard Luck Woman.”

Then, the antics: bass player Gene Simmons’ fire-breathing stage persona, for example. The television exploits – – who can forget when Paul Stanley and Simmons went on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and promptly made the hostess uncomfortable as often as possible? It made for great television at the time.

While KISS had a string of hits in the 1970s, the band’s importance was somewhat demonstrated in the 1999 film, “Detroit Rock City.” The comedy is set in 1978 and depicts the mishaps four teenage boys experience on their way to see KISS.

With all the albums the band has sold, there is no arguing KISS’ popularity. However, debates ensue regarding “best songs.” Diehard fans will no doubt not always like the songs that became radio fare. But songs like “Calling Dr. Love,” “Strutter,” “I’m Alive,” “King of the Mountain,” and even their contribution to the “Endless Love” soundtrack, “I Was Made for Loving You,” all helped to place KISS in America’s cultural fabric.

The band’s music plus their theatricality contributed to a look and sound that would greatly influence the next generation of hard rock performers.

Tickets for the “End of the Road Tour” have been on sale since November. Special VIP experiences are available for purchase, as well as regular tickets. For more information about KISS’ Fort Wayne show for their farewell tour, visit:

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