Madania by Mumbai Music Artists Aanchal and Lakshya


Madania is a traditional Punjabi rendition performed by Aanchal Srivastava and Lakshya Shrivastava from Yatra with Aanchal in the video.

How do you distribute your work between both of you?

Aanchal says, “I consider our company as a startup where content, which is music and is my responsibility. Marketing is Lakshya’s responsibility. I take care of all the content creation of the band, co-ordination between the band members and I have a first-hand relationship with the content or the music. He as a part of the band member obviously plays with us. But, he is mostly focused on the marketing of the content we create. That’s how we work.”

Music is actually an unreliable profession. But still, you both are pursuing the profession. Did your parents encourage you to go ahead with it?

Aanchal replies, “Yeah. My Dad is the first teacher of my life and he said so many things. I had grown with his teachings and they are coming in handy, now. Probably due to those teachings, we are doing well in what we are doing now. He told me either sing or don’t. If I decide on taking up music, I should dedicate myself to it. Or else, you leave it and live a regular person’s life.

She adds, “He also gave me examples and said that artists and art will always be unpredictable. An artist cannot think of corporate life or the life of a regular person. That is why they are called artists. And I am absolutely in favor of the fact that music is that art, which is unpredictable. Being an artist, I don’t know what my tomorrow is. But, I am so blessed and the honesty and dedication in the artist take them to the next level. Every energy comes together to help the artist reach their goal. To be honest, I don’t have a plan B. I get encouraged by people that I am an artist and I have to get to my destination. Once I get there, the money will follow. I am made for music and music is made for me.”

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