Rajesh Khanna-Sharmila Tagore Duets


Today’s topic is Rajesh Khanna-Sharmila Tagore duets. Sharmila Tagore is one of the female actors with whom Rajesh Khanna maintained a very good on-screen chemistry. The pair seemed to be living in their characters. It appeared that we were looking at real-life people, who are moving about in front of us. Even toward the end of his life, Sharmila Tagore among others was one of his closest friends.

Bollywood and Rajesh Khanna-Sharmila Tagore Duets

Gun guna rahe hain bhawre… Aradhana (1969).

Kora kagaz tha yeh man mera… Aradhana (1969).

Mannse mann ki dor bandhi jab… Maalik (1972).

Main ik chor tu meri Rani… Raja Rani (1973).

Ab Maa roothe ya Baba… Daag (1973).

Man pukare… Tyaag (1977).


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