Dooriyan sab mita do – Lata Mangeshkar – Bappi Lahiri – Kaajal Kiran | Saboot (1980)


Movie – Saboot (1980)

Dooriyan sab mita do appeared in The Bharat Pictures’ horror flick Saboot (1980) directed by Tulsi Ramsay and Shyam Ramsay. The movie was produced by Raaj Baweja and G H Navani and starred Vinod Mehra, Vidhya Sinha, Navin Nischol, Kajal Kiran, Om Shivpuri, Padma Khanna, etc.

Asha (Vidhya Sinha) loses first her husband Vikas (Vinod Mehra) and then her father Seth Dharamdas (Trilok Kapoor). Dhanraj (Prem Chopra) had an eye on Seth Dharamdas’s property. In the absence of Seth Dharamdas, Dhanraj has a gala time, enjoying with Dharamdas’ employees with whom, he had concocted the plan of killing and disposing off the body of Seth Dharamdas. But then, suddenly, the conspirators begin to die, one by one. Inspector Anand (Navin Nischol) is given the charge of the case.

Anand and Asha’s sister Kaajal (Kaajal Kiran) fall in love and when Asha finds out about it, she and Anand’s mother give a positive nod to their marriage. Kaajal and Anand visit a tourist spot on top of a hill and as they are returning, the car breaks down. Against Kaajal’s wishes, Anand goes to find some petrol. It’s a jungle area and Kaajal gets frightened due to the several sounds of wild animals. This scene is a little similar to the one in Teesri Manzil (1966). The only difference is that in the older movie Asha Parekh is miffed at Shammi Kapoor. Here when Anand returns from halfway, Kaajal almost kills him with his own gun, thinking that he is some wild animal or criminal. Luckily, the gun is not loaded. Post this scene, Kaajal sings this song.

Song – Dooriyan sab mita do

Dooriyan sab mita do was penned by Amit Khanna and the tune was set by Bappi Lahiri.

The girl sings, “Let’s get cozy and reduce the gap between us.”

Video – Dooriyan sab mita do

Cinematography is by Gangu Ramsay and Keshu Ramsay. The dance has been choreographed by Kiran Kumar.

The video opens with Kaajal Kiran approaching Navin Nischol outside the car, as she begins to sing this song. She begins a sensuous dance to entice him. He is not interested in anything of that sort, at that moment. Sex is not one of the things on his mind, just then. He seems to the responsible male, who is taking care of a childish girl!

I don’t understand one thing – if girls are frightened, do they get horny? :O I don’t! These movies are very male-oriented that is why they think girls get aroused when they are, of all the things, frightened! This is such a ridiculous song. I am sure Lataji must have forgotten having sung it. It is worthy of being forgotten!

It thunders and begins to rain. Toward the end, he gives in to her seduction. Guys, these are typical Ramsay movies where you will find an engaged or an unmarried couple having sex, not waiting for the marriage day. I don’t understand one thing. Does this kind of situation, which does not take the story forward, need to be added to the movie?


The song Dooriyan sab mita do was sung by Lata Mangeshkar for Kaajal Kiran and Navin Nischol looks on.

Cultural Influence

It is as well that there is no cultural influence on this song. This kind of culture should not be propagated. Teenagers get the wrong ideas. Instead of studying and becoming better citizens of the country and taking up some good work, they fall into a trap. The song and the artists are ok. The video is mediocre and not worthy of a dekho.


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