Thi shubh suhag ki raat – Manna Dey – Roshan – Rajeev | Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal (1966)


Movie – Nayi Umar Ki Nayai Fasal (1966)

Thi shubh suhag ki raat appeared in Shri Vishwa Bharati Films’ socio-political drama Nayi Umar Ki Nayi Fasal (1966) produced and directed by R Chandra. The movie starred Tanuja, Rajeev and Ulhas.

This song appears earlier on in the movie. Rajeev (Rajeev) and Shail (Tanuja) are students and have opposite opinions about students joining politics. These 2 students with their friends attend the intercollegiate youth festival in Delhi’s Talkatora Gardens. Shail and Rajeev perform this song with other dancers during the cultural event of the festival.

Song – Thi shubh suhag ki raat

The music of Manmohan Tiwari’s lyrics in the song Thi shubh suhag ki raat was composed by Roshan.

The song talks about the nuptials of the newlywed king and queen when something happens that shocks everybody.

Video – Thi shubh suhag ki raat

Cinematography is by M Rajaram.

The video opens with some girls in traditional costumes hurrying around the stage. They are preparing for the nuptials of their king and queen. A male actor comes to the stage in the costume of the king. Tanuja enters the stage wearing the costume of the queen. She is blushing.

A girl blows off the lights. The king and the queen are about to get intimate when the war bugle blows outside. The pair is shocked. The king is not interested in going to fight. But, the queen insists on his going to defend the country.

The king leaves the palace but stops in his tracks and sends a manservant to get a gift from the queen. She picks up a sword and sends him a gift. When he removes the cloth from the platter, he realizes that it is the queen’s head. He decides to die fighting.

The song rises to a crescendo and the video ends there. Some of the shots shown in the video cannot be shown on the stage. This makes the video look fake. But, the story presented in the video makes you proud as well as sad for the fate of the queen.


This song is sung by Manna Dey for Rajeev and Tanuja is performing the song with other actors.

Cultural Influence

Rajput culture has influenced this song, to a large extent. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable.


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