R. Kelly battles legal and now medical issues


In some respects, R. Kelly is a media gift that continues to give, even when most people would be fine if it stopped giving. There is something intriguing about someone who was once considered a musical genius of sorts, who gave a needed edge to r&b when the genre was experiencing growing pains, and a self-described “pied piper” who has allegedly led numerous young women where they did not want to go. In the most recent developments surrounding Kelly, the singer has requested to know the identities of two of his accusers, and had surgery for numbness in his hands and a hernia.

Page Six reports on the odd development of events surrounding Kelly. While some people are looking askance at his emergency surgery that (perhaps too conveniently for some people) caused him to miss a court date, the more blatant issue is the insistence that he learn the identities of the women who have accused him.

Some people will remember that at least one woman who spoke out against Kelly and appeared in the docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly,” who claimed the singer gave her herpes when they had sex in Long Island. That woman, according to Page Six, received a letter from Kelly that said, among other things, that “if she really cares about her own reputation she should cease her participation and association with organizers of this negative campaign.”

The singer’s letter went on to state in short that counter-measures would be enacted “soon.”

A judge has denied Kelly permission to know the identities of women referred to in documents as Jane Doe 2 and Jane Doe 3, Page Six claims. An attorney for Kelly claims it will be difficult to mount a defense if they do not know who these women are.

No one representing Kelly has made any statements regarding how his letter to at least one woman appears threatening. In fact, his attorneys make statements about how Kelly cannot harm anyone now.

But, viewers of the docuseries and various interviews with Kelly’s former employees, and anyone who has seen even fragments of the aforementioned letter, know that it is likely that Jane Doe 2 and Jane Doe 3, would be harassed and threatened if either Kelly or his team knew who they were. In essence, the singer’s track record is bad. It seems that whether jailed or free, Kelly has a way of getting things done. He has had his most recent girlfriends supported, even to the point of allowing and affording them shopping sprees, while he was in jail.

If Kelly’s representatives are referring to his recent surgery as the reason he cannot hurt anyone now, the logical response to that is his need for care is temporary. It has been proven time and again that there is a system in place that allows for Kelly to do as he wishes in regard to women and girls.

Meanwhile, interested parties and those who simply cannot look away, continue to watch the drama surrounding Kelly to unfold.

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  1. If he’s just as bad the inside prison walls as he was outside, then let’s launch investagation into the jail so we can put an end to it or this entire case can be in jeporady again. As for the phone call he made with the guard’s cell phone, we need to find out who it was he called.

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