Aa bhi ja by Mumbai Music Artist Sherrin Varghese


This video – Aa bhi ja by Mumbai Music Artist Sherrin Varghese and his band member Shardul Sakhle, is again from one of the compositions of Leslie Louis for the Band of Boys. The lyrics were penned by Sameer.

What do you see 10 years hence?

10 years hence, I see myself chilling during concerts where my son is performing. (Laughs) And I get to play and chill as a producer Dad. My son and niece are very talented singers and I hope they train to get all the success that I have got and a lot more. And I am producing an environment around him, which can help my current fellow musicians and get them to mentor my son to put him at a spot where he gets all the support and infrastructure he will need. I have gone through the rigmarole. He would be a second-generation musician and there is a lot of hope and prayers with him.

How old are the kids?

11 and 14.

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