Zindagi dard hai by Mumbai Music Artist Amit Kumar



The song, Zindagi dard hai, was released by Amit Kumar in March 2012.

The man is disillusioned by life and decides to take a break from everything. Then, he realizes that it happens to everybody and everybody is a part of a vicious cycle.

Song – Zindagi dard hai

The song Zindagi dard hai has been fantastically penned and the tune set by Amit Kumar.

The man is sad and says that life hurts.

Video – Zindagi dard hai

The cinematography is by Guru Dhanoa and direction is by Sima Agarwal.

The video opens with Amit Kumar sitting on a wicker chair and contemplating on the reality of life. He writes on a diary page but is not satisfied with what he has written. So, he crumples the paper and throws it away.

He travels in his car to an unknown destination. The place appears to be a premium resort. He enters his room and changes to Indian traditional kurta pajama. Then, he walks toward the beach. He has his diary with him. The music begins in the background, now and he begins to sing.

He is in the process of writing in his diary when he sees a little boy run to a balloon vendor and compels his father to buy them for him. Soon, Amit Kumar sees that the boy is unable to keep the balloons in his hands and the strong wind blows them away. The little boy begins to cry.

On the other hand, a poor boy is looking at the balloons with yearning. This boy is playing the flute and probably earns his living in that way. Amit Kumar is reminded of the time he had performed with a flute onscreen in one of his father’s (Kishore Kumar) movies.

Then, Amit Kumar watches a couple. The girl breaks up with the man. Amit Kumar is amused with the turn of events and moves on. He sits on the ruined window sill of a building and brings out some old pictures. Videos are superimposed on these pictures and make them interesting.

Next, he watches a boy performing the last rites for someone close to him. He is reminded of the time when he had performed the last rites for his father, Kishore Kumar, similarly, years ago. That brings tears in his eyes.

Finally, Amit Kumar meets a little boy, who gives his balloons to him and asks him to send them skyward. Amit Kumar is again amused and does as he is told. Toward dusk, Amit Kumar sits in a boat and writes in his diary.

He has written, “Destiny leads,” signs on the paper and throws it in the lake. Probably, he has accepted life as it is and has realized that he needs to move on with life.


The song has been sung by Amit Kumar in the background and he performs the song in front of the camera, as well.

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Disillusionment, sometimes, is natural and happens to all at some time or the other. The trick is in overcoming the feeling of depression and moving on with life. We have one life and have to live it to the fullest. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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