Tune banaya by Mumbai Music Artist Amit Kumar



The song, Tune banaya, was released by Amit Kumar and Sumit Kumar’s music company Kumar Brothers Music in February 2017. This is the first song from their third album Zinda hoon main – very much alive.

This song is philosophical and talks about the stone-hearted God, who made fragile-hearted humans. God created humans and then is watching their self-destruction, from far away.

Song – Tune banaya

The song Tune banaya has been fantastically penned by Leena Chandavarkar Ganguly, Kishore Kumar’s wife. The tune is set by Amit Kumar.

The man sings about God, who created man and man has destroyed the world.

Video – Tune banaya

The video has been directed by Guru Dhanoa. He has also wielded the camera.

The video opens with shots of attractive natural scenery. The image of Amit Kumar is imposed on these images and he begins to sing the song. He appreciates the creation of God. But, the artist is not happy with the laidback attitude of the Supreme Creator.

Amit Kumar wonders why the Supernatural Force does not stop the prevalent destruction happening in the world. The situation breaks the singer’s heart, which was made of glass by the Creator.

The cinematography has been done very beautifully.


The song has been sung by Amit Kumar for himself.

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God created man and is watching from a distance the destruction created by man. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.

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