Meri Maa by Mumbai Music Artists Aanchal and Lakshya


Aanchal Shrivastava and Lakshya Shrivastava from the band Yatra with Aanchal perform Meri Maa exclusively for LemonWire. Aanchal and Lakshya associated with Bilal, Anu Dutt and Gauri Sawant for this song.

Aanchal continues to talk about her training. She says, “Children do not like to sing Sa for hours together. That is what teachers do to you. I stopped learning music soon. I would learn dance. Dad would catch up with us twice a year. Every time he came home, he would go, ‘You are such a good singer and you should get back to singing.’ Then, I would have to learn singing all over again. My family did not put me away from singing.

“But, my major learning in vocals happened when I went to Himachal Pradesh and learnt music from Meena Verma for 3 years. These were my first classical professional lessons. After 3 years, she told my parents that I am much beyond her reach now. She recommended that I learn from her Guruji. I went to Chandigarh to learn from her Guruji – Pandit Yashpal Sharmaji for about 2 years.

“And then it was college! (Laughs) Nobody learns in college. I was a brat. Lakshya and I are the opposite. I stopped learning. I began singing and formed a band in college. Now, my learning is my stage. Every day and every show is a new learning experience for me. I think now my subconscious is tuned to learn by itself.”

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