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Local Indy pop group manners, please may not be moving on to the Battle of the Bands finals, but there’s still a lot of good music to appreciate on their debut EP.

Last week, manners, please competed in the first round of semifinals for the Battle of the Bands held at The Hi-Fi. Other groups that played that night included JSP, Brother O’ Brother, Old Revel Minds, and the winners Forstory and Jake Schlegel. While manners, please ended up not advancing to the finals, we still think their debut EP deserves some more attention.

But before we get into our review of the “manners, please” EP, first here’s a little more information on the band, for anyone who hasn’t heard of them, or is just a little curious.

manners, please

Manners, please is a five piece indie synth pop band from Indianapolis, Indiana. The band originally started out as a duo consisting of Katrina Bolyard (vocals, synth, auxiliary percussion) and Jennasen Snyder (vocals, synth, keys), but later filled out with the addition of members Deak Hall (drums), Nick Snyder (bass), and Grady Neff (guitar).

With a tight rhythm section, powerful lyrics, and memorable hooks, manners, please. has generated a buzz that hasn’t died down since their formation. Headlining sold-out shows and regularly drawing crowds that pack the house, manners, please. has enjoyed increasing attention from local press. Their dedicated fan base continues to grow, bringing a pop appeal for fans with diverse musical tastes. manners, please. is a dance-driven musical bazaar with a whole lot of soul, debunking popular ginger memes everywhere.

In the past two years, manners, please has gone from nothing, to being featured in Nuvo, NPR, and Do317. They released their self-titled, five track EP in 2018, and last year, followed it up with the release of the single, “Ghost”.

manners, please (EP)

The “manners, please” EP consists of five tracks of electronic and rock driven pop. The EP kicks off with the track, “Sons & Daughters”, which eases you into the EP slowly with an atmospheric and relaxing intro accompanied by Bolyard and Snyder’s ethereal vocals. But “Sons & Daughters” gradually builds its energy up during the chorus, only to ease back down, and rise up again stronger than before with the help of an ever strengthening beat. The track’s continuous building reaches its climax in glorious and snappy fashion.

“Anthem” brings us back down into a solid, synth-driven groove for a track with slightly more melancholic lyrics. Despite this, “Anthem” manages to bring out a more triumphant and hopeful sound as the track builds.

The energy picks up a little more with “20 Something”, that brings out manners, please’s own version of bubblegum pop fused with their powerful lyrics and soulful instrumentation. The bouncy groove in “20 Something”, along with Bolyard and Snyder’s dual vocals makes this one of the more memorable tracks of the EP.

“Hysteria” keeps the theme of strong grooves going for manners, please. With a rocking bass line, synth support, and a killer guitar, “Hysteria” shows a different side of manners, please than the first half of the EP. As the title suggests, there’s also a bit more of a manic kind of energy to “Hysteria”, with lots of unexpected and beautiful transitions in there.

The EP ends with “Shut Your Mouth”, which brings back some of the energy of “20 Something” with a snappier pop aesthetic. More dual vocals with a catchy melody gives us a nice, easy way to close out the EP up until the ending, which culminates with a heavily distorted guitar and another strong beat.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the “manners, please” EP has a lot to appreciate in it. If you’re a fan of indie pop, you’ll gobble it up. And even if this isn’t your genre of choice, there’s enough going on in “manners, please” for you to find something to like. So be sure to give it a listen when you get the chance. And keep an eye out for manners, please around town.

You can listen to the self-titled debut EP by manners, please, and more from them by visiting them on Spotify. To find out more about the band, you can find them on Facebook, or go to their website.

Finally, for more coverage on the local Indy music scene, be sure to check out the LemonWire Music Corner, where we’re showcasing local artists from the Indianapolis community.


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