Laut aao na by Mumbai Music Artists Aanchal and Lakshya


Aanchal Shrivastava and Lakshya Shrivastava from the band Yatra with Aanchal perform Laut aao na exclusively for LemonWire. Aanchal and Lakshya associated with Hyder Ali from Coke Studio, Pakistan, for this song.

Continuing with the discussion about her training, Aanchal explained that she was inclined toward music from the beginning. She said, “When I was a 2-year-old, we were living in a small town called Chaanda near Nagpur. Dad was working with ACC Cement. Even now he is working there. Mom and Dad are together. They would send me to a music teacher, who would teach music as well as sing on FM Rainbow. That’s how my first music learning began. It was Indian Classical, always. I have never learnt Western Classical or Contemporary music. Our roots have never been Western. I have been an Indie, absolutely Indian girl. Dad moved abroad and Mom and I were in India. Mom and I shifted to Gwalior, MP. I would go to a music teacher even at that place.”

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