R. Kelly celebrates birthday; girlfriends clash


In music news, singer R. Kelly turned 53 on Jan. 8. The singer is still in jail. The now-infamous r&b legend’s legal troubles now serve as the background to another clash – – the one between his girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Jocelyn Savage.

Viewers of “Surviving R. Kelly” will remember that both Clary’s and Savage’s parents attempted to track them down, after assuming that they were in Kelly’s company. Their suppositions and leads turned out to be true. However, as Clary and Savage were once Kelly’s biggest supporters, that they are now fighting (physically and verbally, according to reports) makes the public wonder what is really happening behind closed doors of the upscale rental properties that the singer continues to have resources for, despite claims that he is running out of money.

Azriel Clary and Jocelyn Savage: a fight that went public

According to TMZ and other news outlets, the now famous brawl got started when Clary was making a video on Instagram, showing her packing her things to move out of the Trump Tower property she shared with Savage, allegedly at Kelly’s expense. While Clary was filming, Savage walked in and after a verbal altercation, the two women fought and the police were called.

The most shocking revelation from the video is Clary’s claims that in one of Kelly’s videos, Savage had sex with her while she was underage. Clary can be heard threatening to report Savage to the police for the alleged sexual assault. The irony here is that such is exactly what Kelly is accused of. Clary then turned on Kelly and informed viewers that the singer “lied to you guys,” and that he had made her and Savage lie for him, too, according to TMZ.

As is typical, online commenters are rather polarized. Some commenters want the girls to just rebuild their lives and go home to the parents who have fought diligently for their return; still others complain that Clary is out for attention.

In the bigger picture, however, Kelly’s camp seems to be losing its cohesiveness. With his most stalwart supporters (Clary and Savage) fighting where the public can see and hear it, and the police being called, it might be only a matter of time before the cracks in Kelly’s support system become fissures that no amount of “spin” can fix.

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