Manmauji re by Mumbai Music Artists Aanchal and Lakshya


This video has Aanchal Shrivastava and Lakshya Shrivastava performing Manmauji re for us.

Asked if he joined Aanchal because she was into music already, Lakshya replied, “I was a college student and music was never in the plans for the future. But, by and by, with Aanchal and our parents into singing, I began to feel that I needed to take that up as a career option. I was never a singer. However, when I was at school, I used to play musical instruments as a hobby. That is why I got inclined toward joining Aanchal in the band since everything was just getting into the scene. Everything was sorted and somewhere around that time we know that I had to be with Aanchal and the band was born.”

Would he have joined Aanchal even if she was not his sister? He said, “Definitely, why not? Her voice is different. It’s a little husky. People take some time to understand how she sounds in shows. But, to be honest, even if she was not my sister, I would have been part of her band – Yatra with Aanchal.”

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