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Nobody’s heard much from the post-punk scene since the early to mid-2000s, but it is still there. Just ask Indianapolis band VV Torso. Post-punk, and regret-hop if their FaceBook is anything to go by, is their stock in trade. A good thing, since they happen to be good at it.

               VV Torso is a four-piece outfit that has been in the Indy scene for a few years, mostly playing the smaller establishments. To date, their most popular work is their single “Boy”, an angry anti-toxic masculinity anthem. It certainly is a good fit for them, as the post-punk scene, and the punk scene that birthed it, have always been good places to get political.

VV Torso’s Sound

               Of course, just getting political with your music is not necessarily enough. It has to stand on its own. Fortunately, VV Torso’s music does . And does with style. First of all, this is some of the hardest post-punk in the genre right now. This is not to say that post-punk is a gentle genre, of course not, as listening to progenitors like Flipper while quickly establish. However, VV Torso still outdoes most competitors in the field when it comes to hardness. Some of their tracks are harsh enough to verge on noise, especially when heard live.

               Sound-wise, they have more in common with the post-punk revival of the 2000s than they do with that of the late 70s originals. Which is to say, they have clear influences from the alternative genres of the 90s rather than just reproducing the sounds of Joy Division or the Fall.

VV Torso’s Lyrics

               In true punk tradition, VV Torso’s lyrics are direct and confrontational. In “Boy”, example, most of the lines are phrased as sarcastic questions. “How does it feel to hate your father?” is a heck of a jab to take at anybody, and VV Torso takes that jab at everybody. Or, at least, every male-identifying person with a y-chromosome.

               In all, VV Torso can be a challenging band, but a rewarding one. Well worth a listen.


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