Wolfi, Song of the Day: “Misleading”


Local Indianapolis alternative pop artist Wolfi brings more of his unique style of pop on his new album, “White”.

We’re only a week into the new year, and already the amount of new material from local artists pouring in is amazing. It seems like a lot of artists around Indianapolis are making good on their resolutions.

Last week, we spent most of our time looking back at some of the best local bands and artists of the past decade. This week, we’ll be looking to the future, and trying to cover as many new releases as we can. We kicked the week off early yesterday with Sixth Century Future Recovery Group’s new album “Family Tools”. Today, we’re moving into the realm of alternative pop with Wolfi.

But before we get into our song of the day, here’s a little more information on Wolfi, for anyone who either hasn’t heard of him, or is just a little curious.


Born Emerson Vernon, Wolfi is an alternative pop artist from Indianapolis who began his musical journey in a high school rock band, and then moved on to producing EDM music under the name “Emosahn”. After producing for awhile, Vernon began a side project and soon was going by the name Wolfi. After the release of his debut album, “Black” in 2017, he began to grow a following on the internet. This led to a midwest tour during the summer of 2017, with a full backing band that sold out in Indianapolis.

Wolfi has released a number of albums since his initial debut. In 2018, he released “The Young Luv EP”, followed by the singles, “Invincible”, “Tampa”, and another short EP, “Temporary Tattoo”. 2019 saw the release of a few more singles, “Trust Nobody”, “daisy”, and our song of the day, “Misleading”. Earlier this month, Wolfi released his sophomore album, “White”.

Wolfi has performed alongside B.o.B. and SayWeCanFly during his career. He has collaborated with Artium artist Mark Battles on his track “Forever” and will feature SayWeCanFly on his upcoming release of “Black (Deluxe)”.


“Misleading” is not only featured on Wolfi’s new album, “White”, but was also released as a single last year. The main quality that Wolfi seems to be focusing on with this track is a strong groove. The track opens with a funky guitar progression, alongside Wolfi’s filtered vocal hook before a strong rhythm section kicks in. By far, this is the best part of the song. As far as hooks go, Wolfi proves with “Misleading” that he sure knows how to write one.

Wolfi’s vocal delivery in “Misleading” seems to lean a bit away from pop and more toward rap. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad choice, but there’s something about Wolfi’s tone that doesn’t sit well with me. This is purely a personal and subjective judgment, but it’s just not my style. When I hear Wolfi’s voice in “Misleading”, I can’t help but think about all the alternative emo bands that were popping up when I was in high school.

That’s not to say that Wolfi has a bad voice. He knows how to sing, for sure, and has a decent range. It’s more a difference in stylistic or aesthetic preferences. However, I will say there are one or two moments where Wolfi wins me over with his humor. After one particularly saccharine line, the beat cuts out for a second, and Wolfi whispers, “I’m cringing at myself right now”, before launching back into the hook. It’s a small thing, but it helped me believe that Wolfi doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think that Wolfi’s “Misleading” is a good song. Even though I may not be a fan of the broader style he’s a part of, I can still recognize a good song when I hear one. And I’ll never be too stubborn to admit that there are songs that I don’t like that still qualify as well-crafted and professionally produced. Again, it’s a preference thing. But kudos to Wolfi for continuing to do his thing.

If you enjoyed listening to Wolfi’s song, “Misleading”, you can listen to more of his new album, “White” by visiting him on Spotify. You can also find out more about Wolfi on Facebook.

Finally, for more coverage on the local Indy music scene, be sure to check out the LemonWire Music Corner, where we’re showcasing local artists from the Indianapolis community.


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  1. Appreciate the comments G, you hit it on the head. The song was a freestyle which is why the verses were questionable but I appreciate you still giving the song a chance!

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