One of R. Kelly’s girlfriends moves out as additional charges mount


For those who have been paying attention, it has become clear that there is nothing simple about the activities that singer R. Kelly is accused of. Certainly, there are those who will state otherwise given what they will claim is an overwhelming amount of evidence provided to the public. But the layers of secrecy, the alleged bribery and the number of people involved make Kelly’s activities anything but simple. To add to the swirl of charges surrounding Kelly, one of his live-in girlfriends has moved out. The move, according to Yahoo and the young woman’s tweets, is not indicative of a lack of support for Kelly. She simply wants to get away from the “drama” at the luxury condo.

R. Kelly’s mounting legal issues

Young women supporting Kelly and claiming they were never abused by the singer is nothing new. However, new charges stem from the alleged bribery of an Illinois state official. According to legal filings reprinted at, Kelly and others bribed an official into providing documents that claim Aaliyah (known as Jane Doe #1 in the documents) was 18 in June of 1994, when in fact, she was only 15. The sum of $500 was all that was required to inspire an official to break the law. According to numerous sources, Aaliyah’s parents had the marriage annulled.

Fans of the late singer expressed concern online that her relationship with Kelly will be linked to her legacy. There are ways to avoid that – – just like the hashtag mute R. Kelly and other movements enacted change in perception and public opinion, a similar one could ensure that Aaliyah is remembered for the songs she created that posited her as a forthright person and talented performer.

Kelly has been in jail since July 2019 on charges of child pornography and related legal issues. According to Yahoo and, Kelly is expected to plead not guilty.

R. Kelly’s relationship problems

Two days ago when Azriel Clary, one of the young women whose parents sought to free her from Kelly’s circle moved out of Kelly’s Trump Tower Condo, speculation surrounded the move. In a short amount of time, Clary took to Twitter to post a tersely worded tweet that asserted her position. In part the tweet reads, “…Love me or hate me I am not here to appease you, nor am I your gossip outlet…”

Clary’s claims come just weeks after an impostor forged online posts from Kelly’s other live-in girlfriend, Jocelyn Savage. Interestingly, Savage’s parents have also been outspoken in their desire to remove their daughter from Kelly’s company. With the singer behind bars, the public might wonder who is still maintaining the girlfriends’ lifestyle in his absence.

The entire Kelly saga has become a dizzying parade of allegations and people involved. When the singer does go to trial, it will be worth noting if someone will create a flowchart of sorts to help everyone involved figure out the connections between all the people Kelly employed to aid the secrecy that seems to be an integral part of the allegations.

When Kelly is finally sentenced, his legacy will be made for the most part. He will go from being the man who revitalized r&b at a time when such was desperately needed, to a man who violated underage girls and abused women in harrowing ways. Can Kelly’s career recover? What kind of album could result from his experiences if he is to recount them honestly?

There is something quite sad about Kelly’s devolution. Interested parties cannot help but consider what must have happened to create the person that Kelly became. But in the larger scheme of things, his victims have suffered the most.

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