Sapna hai tu by Mumbai Music Artist Amit Kumar



The song, Sapna hai tu, was released by Amit Kumar and Sumit Kumar’s music company Kumar Brothers Music in November 2018.

This song depicts the idealism of a man, who is in love with a girl; he has created in his imagination.

Song – Sapna hai tu

The song Sapna hai tu has been penned by Leena Chandavarkar Ganguly, Kishore Kumar’s wife. The tune is set by Amit Kumar.

The man calls the imaginary girl a beautiful dream girl.

Video – Sapna hai tu

The video has been directed by Ashray Goyal. He has also wielded the camera.

The video opens with Amit Kumar himself taking us on a journey to the destination where the girl, he imagined, is present. He takes us in his car and then, moves about within the ruins of a fort near a beach. A girl, whose whole face is not shown, is seen in brief shots, which are often blurred. At the end of the song, we are back in Amit Kumar’s car and he asks if we liked the song.


The song has been sung by Amit Kumar for himself.

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Many people imagine that their soul-mates would be to their liking. The imagination itself is idealistic. It is not necessary that such imagined people exist. However, sometimes people can get lucky, who knows? 🙂 The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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