Moon Goons, Song of the Day: “Plastic Static Matter”


Local Indy psychedelic rock outfit, Moon Goons crank up the weird on their recent EP with this short but sweet track.

If there’s been one thing that has guided our songs of the day this week, it’s been a pursuit of the weird. Things started off more or less normal on Monday with The Bobbie Morrone Trio’s soul and blues-filled “Get By”. But we took a bit of a turn with Chives’ frenetic “Asteroid”, and followed that path yesterday as it led us to The Trees’ “Black Forest”. Today, we’re getting even weirder with local Indy psych rock group Moon Goons, and their song “Plastic Static Matter”.

But before we get into our song of the day, here’s a little more information on Moon Goons, for anyone who isn’t familiar with them, or just curious.

Moon Goons

Moon Goons are a local Indy psychedelic rock group that specializes in high energy weirdness wrapped in rock. A relatively new band in the Indianapolis area, they released their first single, “Dreaming Castle Goddess” just last year. In 2018, Moon Goons also released their debut album, “Space Trash”. This past September, the band put out their most recent EP, “Slimy Clump”, a short, six-track psychedelic romp with some real gems in it. One, a cover of Javier Navarrete’s “Pan’s Lullaby”, from the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth”, with lyrics added by the Moon Goons.

Moon Goons are also quite active in playing live shows in the community. Just last night, they played at Square Cat Vinyl in Fountain Square, along with Radar Gold and Zap Black. Their next show coming up in the area is at the Hoosier Dome, where they’ll be performing live on January 10th.

Moon Goons is a five piece act consisting of members Corey Standifer (vocals, guitar), Brooke Rice (keys, vocals, synthesizer), Jacob Kozlowski (drums), Owen Welch (guitar, keys), and Devin Kearns (bass).

Plastic Static Matter

“Plastic Static Matter” is the opening track on Moon Goons’ new EP “Slimy Clump”. At just under a minute and a half, it’s the shortest track from the EP, but not by much, as most songs on the EP don’t go too far over two minutes. The Moon Goons like to keep things short and sweet.

“Plastic Static Matter” is a bouncy, fuzz-filled jaunt where whimsy and disorientation are placed above everything else except the groove. The combination of whining synths, growling bass, and squawking guitar gives the track a very distinct sound. It’s a sound that seems strangely familiar too, and I can’t help but think of Gorillaz tracks like “Pirate Ship” and “Glitter Freeze”. While “Plastic Static Matter” definitely captures its own unique sound, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got some inspiration from the Gorillaz.

If you can imagine a short, psychedelic song written by a combination of influences including the Gorillaz, The Flaming Lips, and Animal Collective, you’ll already have some idea as to what “Plastic Static Matter” sounds like. And if you ask me, that’s a pretty good reason to give it a listen.

For even more psychedelic weirdness, you can take a look at some of the lyrics, which don’t really make a whole lot of sense, but make up for it in their delivery and strange, but effective imagery.

“Well everything now seemed out of place / Blue hues of rapture and green trees of disaster / Encased me, in plastic static matter”

Final Thoughts

It can be fun to listen to a band that really tries to go out there with their sound. Moon Goons definitely know the type of music they’re trying to make, and can actually pull it off pretty successfully. For all fans of psychedelia and a sense of the weird, Moon Goons are a no brainer. Be sure to look out for them around the Indianapolis area, and get out to the Hoosier Dome on January 10th to see them play live. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up hearing our song of the day while you’re there.

If you enjoyed listening to Moon Goons’ “Plastic Static Matter”, you can listen to more of their album, “Slimy Clump”, by visiting their Bandcamp page. For more information on Moon Goons, you can find them on Facebook.

Finally, for more coverage on the local Indy music scene, be sure to check out the LemonWire Music Corner, where we’re showcasing local artists from the Indianapolis community.


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