Bobbie Morrone Trio, Song of the Day: “Get By”


On December 20th, the Bobbie Morrone Trio returns to Union 50 in Indianapolis for their first live performance in some time.

Happy Monday, LemonWire readers. It may be a rainy and dreary one, but whatever the weather, you can count on us to bring you some musical comfort while you stay warm and dry. This week, we’ll be looking at a variety of local artists and bands from Indianapolis and surrounding areas. There’s still a lot of great music out there that we haven’t covered yet. Be on the lookout for live performances around the city from the bands we cover this week.

Our song of the day today comes from The Bobbie Morrone Trio and their 2019 album “Lonely St.”. But before we get into the song “Get By”, here’s a little more information on The Bobbie Morrone Trio.

Bobbie Morrone Trio

Bobbie Morrone started his music career around 2007. Since then, Marrone has joined forces with the Trio to bring his own unique sound with influences from the genres of blues, soul, and pop. Imagine if Jack Johnson and John Mayer had a baby, and then that baby lived in Indianapolis, and you have Bobbie Morrone.

Bobbie Morrone released his first EP in 2014, titled, “The Best I Can Be EP”, featuring three tracks with distinct flavors. In 2016, Morrone followed it up with another EP, “Acoustics ’15”, which, as you could probably guess, is full of acoustic compositions. Finally, in January of 2019, Bobbie Morrone and the Trio released their first full length album, “Lonely St.”. The album has twelve tracks that each find their way somewhere between the genres of soul, pop, and blues.

To get a feeling for the kind of music Morrone listens to, he lists one of his guilty pleasures as Beyonce’s “Love On Top” (although, no one should feel guilty about liking Beyonce).

The Bobbie Morrone Trio consists of Bobbie Morrone on vocals and guitar, Jordan Poortenga on bass, and Isaac Vining on drums.

Get By

“Get By is the second track from The Bobbie Morrone Trio’s “Lonely St.”. Like many of the other songs on the album, “Get By” is firmly rooted in soul and blues. Unlike many traditional blues and souls tunes, however, the track has a more upbeat and poppy slant. On the spectrum between John Mayer and Jack Johnson, “Get By” definitely leans more toward Mayer.

Notable instruments in this composition include Morrone’s guitar (of course), but also a keyboard or organ that carries the chord changes throughout the easy-going verse. The chorus is a little more explosive, with a classic descending blues riff thrown in there for flavor. Backup singers during both the verse and the chorus help to solidify the soul elements of “Get By”, while Morrone’s distinctly bluesy solo brings back the John Mayer comparison.

As the title suggests, the lyrical subject matter of “Get By” revolves around coping with life’s many struggles. The first verse section focuses on what he’s already got in his life, as well as various support systems he has available. The second touches on a relationship that may or may not be a healthy one.

“I had a sad way that I lived, but you went too far down the road that night / I got a house where I keep my baggage, but it don’t look good since you moved inside”.

A good way to look at these lyrics, is that the verses focus more on the past, while the chorus looks toward the present and future.

“I gotta find what I’ve been searching for, or I’ll go out of my mind / I gotta pick up when it rains or pours, or I’ll get lost in the tide / I hope you’re gonna help me get by”

Final Thoughts

Overall, The Bobbie Morrone Trio’s “Get By” is a great sample for anyone who hasn’t heard of them. It’s a good representation of Bobbie Morrone’s unique style somewhere between soul, blues, and pop. A shortcut, of course, would be to just make the John Mayer comparison. But we hope you listen to the song, anyway. If you’re a fan of blues and soul, you’ll like it immediately.

If you’re in Indianapolis on December 20th, be sure to visit Union 50 for a live performance by The Bobbie Morrone Trio.

You can listen to all of “Get By” by visiting The Bobby Morrone Trio on Bandcamp. You can also find out more information on The Bobbie Morrone Trio by going to their Facebook page, or website.

For more coverage on the Indy music scene, be sure to check out the LemonWire Music Corner, where we’re showcasing local Indianapolis artists.


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