Nouveaurees, Song of the Day: “Some Fad”


The single “Some Fad” is the relaxing, yet upbeat highlight track from Nouveaurees’ 2019 studio album, “I’ll See You Now”.

For the first half of this week, we listened to a few songs from bands in Bloomington. These included “Cruise” by Saeyers, and “Back When We Were Kings” by Moose Memories. For the second half of the week, we’ll be wrapping up with more Indianapolis music. Yesterday, we looked at BYBYE’s song “Silence (ft. Carl Broemel)”, and today we’re once again listening to Nouveaurees.

Nouveaurees may have only released their debut studio album last June, but they’ve been around the Indy scene for much longer. There’s a chance you’ve probably seen them playing around town at the Melody Inn, Pioneer, or the State Street Pub. If you’ve seen them play live, chances are good you’ve heard some of the gems on “I’ll See You Now” already. If not, their track “Some Fad” is a great introduction to their sound.

But before we get into the song itself, here’s an overview on Nouveaurees, for anyone who isn’t familiar with them.


Nouveaurees is a local Indianapolis band who got their start in 2015. As many bands do, they started off just jamming improvisational rock and blues together. Over time, the jam group became a band, and they started writing songs and playing shows together. Nouveaurees consists of members Evan Snyder (guitar, vocals), Wes Eberhardt (guitar), Brandon Stacy (drums), and Chris Vaughn Bird (bass).

After forming their own group, they decided to start experimenting with a variety of genres that find their way into songs. These genres include rock, country, honky tonk, and classic metal. Mixed together, they give Nouveaurees a uniquely modern, classic rock sound.

While “I’ll See You Now” is their debut studio album, it wasn’t their first release. That cam in 2016, with their “Ain’t It Hard” EP, a five track release that includes some songs also found on “I’ll See You Now”. Likewise, their follow up EP, “Some Fad” came out in 2017. In a way, “I’ll See You Now” is just both of those EPs recorded and mixed in studio, with one or two new songs thrown in.

There are a lot of bands out there with similar roots and backgrounds as Nouveaurees. But what makes them stand out, is their attention to the craft of songwriting. They may not put out a lot of songs, but the ones they do are worth listening to. This is especially true for our song of the day, “Some Fad”.

Some Fad

“Some Fad” might just be my favorite track from “I’ll See you Now”. It’s got a lazy, upbeat groove to it that makes it very easy to listen to. You can definitely hear a bit of the country influence here with the somewhat twangy guitars. But the way the song is constructed, “Some Fad” sounds almost like it could have been written by The Shins. I think a lot of that has to do with vocalist Evan Snyder’s tone and cadence, as well as the lyrics themselves.

In the lyrics to “Some Fad”, Snyder displays his skills as a storyteller, adding in thoughts and feelings on topics such as life and truth. The lyrics alone are poignant, but when delivered by Snyder’s voice, they take on a more personal meaning. Here’s a few lines to give you a bit of an idea.

“When I was young I was into the thrill about / Taking falls and firing at will, and I / Never cared if my voice was right or that it was loud / Onto this lonely desperate cloud”.

“Some fad / Kinda thing you got on / Kinda blood in your song / No feelings in mind”.

“I always thought there was class in truth, it ain’t / Expressed by material wealth it ain’t / Lost on the cult of youth but to thine own self / Under this lonely desperate time”.

Final Thoughts

Overall, “Some Fad” is not only my personal favorite from “I’ll See You Now”, but I think Nouveaurees’ single best song. This might be a stretch, but it might even be my favorite song I’ve heard from any local band, at least recently. Some might think that’s a hot take, considering how good the rest of the album is, but before you do, just give “Some Fad” another listen.

You can listen to all of “I’ll See You Now” by visiting Nouveaurees on Bandcamp. You can also find out more information on Nouveaurees by going to their Facebook page.

For more coverage on the Indy music scene, be sure to check out the LemonWire Music Corner, where we’re showcasing local Indianapolis artists.


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