Sapne banata hoon by Mumbai Music Artist Amit Kumar



The song, Sapne banata hoon, was released by Amit Kumar and Sumit Kumar’s music company Kumar Brothers Music in December 2015.

This song is about eccentricity in artists. Their uniqueness can make them stand out of the crowd. But, many times, they do not conform to societal norms. Thus, they are called mad. Singer Amit Kumar talks about how he makes dreams, which are different from others. His father Kishore Kumar once said, “Duniya kehti mujhko pagal. Main kehta duniya ko pagal.” (People call me mad. I say that people are mad.) Amit Kumar is following in his father’s footsteps.

Song – Sapne banata hoon

The song Sapne banata hoon has been penned by Leena Chandavarkar Ganguly, Kishore Kumar’s wife. The tune is set by Amit Kumar.

The man weaves dreams for himself, which are different from those of the general public. People laugh at him for his eccentricity.

Video – Sapne banata hoon

The video has been directed by Guru Dhanoa. He has also wielded the camera.

The video opens with a thoughtful Amit Kumar on the bank of a river. We can hear his voice in the background. In the next shot, he is seen writing something on a traditional paper notebook. He has been sketching the logo of Kumar Brothers Music and it comes alive in front of him!

While Amit Kumar is seen sketching on the notebook in the background, he is also seen singing in the foreground. A bearded longhaired man stands on a boat, strumming a guitar. The video also insists that there is one truth of life, which is death.

Amit Kumar is like his father in the video. The concept creates a positive impact on you. The song is actually good. The picturization is out-of-the-ordinary. The end of the video is dramatic with the lightning and thunder in the sky, as Amit Kumar moves toward the horizon.


The song has been sung by Amit Kumar for himself.

Global Connect

Several times being novel or innovative goes against the norms of society. People indulging in these activities are often called mentally disturbed. Many scientists have been ridiculed for unique inventions and discoveries. But, over a period of time, these innovations were accepted by the entire world. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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