“The Voice” continues to ramp up excitement with quality performances


Just when viewers think they have heard it all on “The Voice,” all of a sudden, the field of singers narrows, and certain performers begin pulling out all the stops. That is exactly what happened this week on “The Voice.”

“The Voice” highlights and triumphs

With the field of contestants down to 10, “The Voice” seems in a perpetual state of eliminations. But this week, there were performances that allowed audiences to hear why certain performers were still around.

Among the highlights were the songs done by Shane Q, Ricky Duran and Hello Sunday. The first two in the list are adult singers whose song choices have worked for their voices. Even when fans were allowed to pick songs, it seemed that this season fans had a better ear for what each singer could handle than in previous seasons.

For people who had never heard Shane Q or Hello Sunday, this week was a treat. Shane Q’s voice is smooth and rich and was used to great effective on his version of Labrinth’s “Jealous.” He competed against Myracle Holloway, both of whom were vying for the Instant Save.

Holloway seemed to give her performance her all, employing a rasp to bring “You Are So Beautiful” to life. The two had ended up with the lowest votes after the previous round of voting. And, because all of the judges were out of “saves,” it was up to America’s votes to save one singer.

Ultimately, Shane Q won. The loss of Holloway was particularly sad because of the way she had resonated with some fans and people seemed genuinely excited by her. Holloway’s presence in the bottom two seemed a mistake. But now there are 10.

Hello Sunday apparently doesn’t just use their cuteness to win votes. They can actually sing. Their voices are fresh and surprisingly strong for 14-year-olds. Also, the duo’s onstage presence is as sweet as their ages would attest. It is nice to see 14-year-olds mostly acting and looking their age. In addition, for a duo on “The Voice,” they are doing quite well. They are in a rare collection of duos who have made it to the Top Ten on “The Voice.”

At the end of Tuesday night’s episode, Team Blake had two contestants, as did Team Gwen. Meanwhile, Teams Legend and Kelly had three singers each.

Speaking of judges, apparently, Gwen Stefani is leaving. Nick Jonas will be taking her place for at least Season 18. For devoted fans, this change in personnel creates excitement for the new dynamic that will be created.

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