UN expert: Zimbabwe hunger ‘shocking’ for country not at war


HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) – A United Nations special expert on the right to food says Zimbabwe is on the brink of man-made starvation and the number of people needing help is “shocking” for a country not in conflict.

Hilal Elver said Thursday she found stunted and underweight children, mothers too hungry to breastfeed their babies and medicine shortages in hospitals during her 10-day visit.

She said the southern African country is among the four most food insecure states in the world. The others – Yemen, South Sudan and Somalia – have been ravaged by war.

Elver blamed widespread corruption, mismanagement, natural disasters, droughts and sanctions for the crisis. Zimbabwe is facing its worst economic difficulties in more than a decade.

More than 60% of the population of 16 million is now considered food insecure.