Tum jo parda rakhoge hamara abhi – Bappi/Aparna – Bappi Lahiri – Govinda/Sridevi | Gair Kanooni (1989)


Movie – Gair Kanooni (1989)

Tum jo parda rakhoge hamara abhi appeared in S M S Productions’ social drama Gair Kanooni (1989) or Illegal produced by Chetna M Modi and directed by Prayag Raaj. The hit movie starred Sridevi, Govinda, Rajnikanth, Kimi Katkar, Shashi Kapoor, Kader Khan, etc.

Honest Police Officer Kapil Khanna (Shashi Kapoor) and Dalpat Dalal’s (Kader Khan) wives have given birth to a boy and a girl, respectively, in the same hospital on the same day. Dalpat does not want a girl because he believes that a girl does not bring home money but only expenses. So, he exchanges the babies with the help of the owner of the hospital Robert D’Costa (Ranjit). They rope in the ward nurse for the purpose and kill her after the act is done. Thus, there is no evidence for the exchange of the babies. We have to remember that this was the time when paternity tests with DNA sampling were not prevalent.

Kapil Khanna’s wife dies due to the shock and he files a case in the court. One of the maid servants working with the hospital (Aruna Irani) is given the responsibility of taking care of the female child. Kapil Khanna takes up the task of paying for the upbringing of the child. The maidservant brings up the girl without any education, as a thief. The girl Lakshmi (Sridevi) becomes very well-versed in stealing. But, she always yearns for the genuine love of real parents since Kapil Khanna refuses to accept her as his daughter. His son Om Narayan (Govinda), now, lives with Dalpat and his wife.

One day, Om and Dalpat are swindled by a tricky Lakshmi. But soon, circumstances bring them face to face during a party. Lakshmi requests Om Narayan to keep her secret, promising him that she would do the same for him, later.

Song – Tum jo parda rakhoge hamara abhi

The music and the lyrics of Tum jo parda rakhoge hamara abhi were created by Bappi Lahiri and Indeevar, respectively.

The girl requests the man to keep her secret from others and promises to keep his secret when need be.

Video – Tum jo parda rakhoge hamara abhi

Director of Photography is Lawrence D’Souza. Dance choreography is by Saroj Khan.

The video opens with a girl, her face concealed inside a veil. The music begins as Govinda brings a candle toward the girl. He begins to sing. When he lifts her veil, he recognizes Sridevi as the girl, who had swindled the father and son team.

Kader Khan recognizes her, too. She begins to perform the song. Ranjit is also present at the party. Kader Khan goes to Govinda to tell him that he has recognized Sridevi. Govinda tells him to ignore it.

Govinda joins Sridevi in the dance. She pulls off Kader Khan’s watch, without his noticing. Sridevi pulls off a precious gold ring from the hand of Tej Sapru and swallows it! She removes Ranjit’s watch also stealthily.

Tej Sapru gives her some whiskey, which she swallows and becomes intoxicated. Now, Sridevi’s dance is worth watching. She is graceful, but now, her dance becomes funny. Soon, the song is at the point of petering out. But, the video is stopped short when someone shoots from a gun.


The song Tum jo parda rakhoge hamara abhi was sung by Bappi Lahiri and Aparna Mayekar for Govinda and Sridevi. Kader Khan, Ranjit, Tej Sapru and other artists are watching the performance.

Cultural Influence

This typically filmi song has the heroine requesting the hero to keep mum about her swindling him and his father. The song and the picturization are interesting because it has been given the structure of the situational song by making the main characters act in a progress beyond song of the previous scenes. This is not true of all songs. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for Govinda’s dance.


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