“I’ll See You Now”, Nouveaurees Album Review


Local Indianapolis band Nouveaurees bring songs from their previous EPs together with some new tracks sprinkled in on their debut studio album.

Nouveaurees released their first studio album last June, but they’ve been around the Indy music scene for some time now. You might have caught them playing around town at the State Street Pub, The Pioneer, or The Melody Inn, to name a few. If you have gotten the chance to see Nouveaurees perform live, then their album, “I’ll See You Now” is sure to include some familiar favorites. If not, it’s a solid introduction to their sound.

But before we get into the album itself, here’s an overview of Nouveaurees, for anyone who isn’t familiar with them.


Nouveaurees is a local Indianapolis band that got their start in the fall of 2015. The band consists of members Evan Snyder (guitar, vocals), Wes Eberhardt (guitar), Brandon Stacy (drums), and Chris Vaughn Bird (bass). They started off like many bands do, as a group of friends who decided to start jamming improvisational blues and rock together. Over time, the jam group became a band, one who found more room to experiment with other styles of music. With their added influences of country, honky tonk, and classic metal, though, Nouveaurees end up with a decidedly modern classic rock sound.

Artists and bands who Nouveaurees has stated as influences include the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Lynard Skynard, Elton John, the Cars, Dinosaur Jr., AC/DC, and more. While it may seem like an eclectic mix of styles that would be difficult to stick to, Nouveaurees prove that they’re up to the task with “I’ll See You Now”.

While it is their debut, “I’ll See You Now” isn’t Nouveaurees first release. In 2016, they came out with the “Ain’t It Hard” EP, and followed it up with another, “Some Fad” in 2017. Both EPs include songs that would later make it on to “I’ll See You Now”.

There are countless bands out there who come from similar roots, but what puts Nouveaurees over the top is their care and attention to the craft of songwriting. They may not be as prolific as some bands, who manage to put out an album a year. But the quality of their songwriting and production on “I’ll See You Now” speaks for itself.

I’ll See You Now

“I’ll See You Now” is diverse in its selection of songs and styles, but still manages to convey Nouveaurees’ unique sound. A lot of this can be attributed to Evan Snyder’s vocals, which while capable of delivering a range of tones, serves as the band’s anchoring asset.

The album opens with a few tracks that establish Nouveaurees’ soft, country-tinged rock sound. The twangy guitar tone plays a significant part here, as does Snyder’s vocal inflections on “Lying In The Dark”, and “Sleeping With The Summer Rain”. These easy-listening grooves make it easy to slide right into the album, while later on, “It’s Crazy” brings up the energy with more of a southern rock feel.

“Ain’t It Hard” brings the energy of the album back down with an easy, plodding pace that matches the emotional content of the lyrics. Right after it, however, the energy picks back up for “Some Fad”, one of the highlight tracks of “I’ll See You Now”. Even though they don’t state them as influences, I hear a lot of the Shins in “Some Fad”. Both in Snyder’s voice, as well as the lyrics and overall sound.

The album spikes in energy with “You Should Dance”, which comes across as polished single material, and brings out Nouveaurees’ heavier rock sound. I hear a lot of Spoon in this song, thanks again to Snyder’s vocal prowess, as well as through the use of creative dissonance.

The second half of “I’ll See You Now” has a distinctly different feel than its first five tracks. This has the effect of making you feel like you’re listening to a band first establishing their roots, and then spreading their wings through experimentation.

Final Thoughts

After listening to “I’ll See You Now” in its entirety, I have a very different view of Nouveaurees than I had after listening to the album’s opening track. Keep this in mind while listening, especially if you’re not as into country. And if that’s the case, maybe try listening to the album in reverse order. Or, you can just start with “You Should Dance”, and “Some Fad”, and go from there.

You can listen to all of “I’ll See You Now” by visiting Nouveaurees on Bandcamp. You can also find out more information by going to their Facebook page.

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