Hero of my Story by Mumbai Music Artists Ria and Ashish


Many people want to strike out on their own, trying to do something offbeat. Some of them are not supported by their family and friends. They decide to inspire themselves and become the hero of their stories. That is the theme of ROL’s song Hero of my Story. The song was composed by Ashish Palanna, Ria D’Souza and Ryan, Ria’s brother and the lyrics were written by Disha Prabhu.

Asked if they launch their songs, Ashish replies, “We don’t launch our songs through a label, right now, though we are still in talks for the same. When it is through a label, they have big marketing plans, etc. Right now, we are into digital marketing. We are putting our songs on audio platforms and YouTube, etc. This gives us the right push. I mean, that’s what we are concentrating on now. We are not bothered about the money part, right now.”


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