Yeh wahi geet hai – Kishore Kumar – Jaidev – Jalal Agha | Man Jayiye (1972)


Movie – Maan Jaiye (1972)

The hit song Yeh wahi geet hai appeared in Vasudha Productions’ family drama Man Jaiye (1972) produced by B D Pande and directed by B R Ishara. The movie starred Rakesh Pandey, Rehana Sultan, Jalal Agha, etc.

College lecturer Ajay Sharma (Rakesh Pandey) is a chauvinist, considering women second-rate citizens, slaves of men and his opinions are reflected in his articles in a magazine. Suman Acharya (Rehana Sultan) catches him on camera in a compromising position with her. Then, she tells him to change his views and publish an article extolling women. She also threatens him that she would publish the pictures in the same magazine if he did not comply with her wishes. The confrontation results in Suman realizing that the publication of the pictures could make him lose his job. So, they decide to call it a truce and fall in love with each other to get married in a temple. Ajay’s friend Ashok (Jalal Agha) challenges them that their love story would end soon.

Suman and Ajay settle down in another city. Within 4 years, their ideals clash and they have to get a divorce. The background music depicting the separation tries to be sad. But, it is unintentionally funny. They could have used some comic relief at that point. Post divorce, Suman is treated like a whore available for everybody by her own friend’s husband, who seems to have a very ideal marriage. That prompts Suman to leave the city and go back home via a train. She gets into the train without taking a ticket because the train starts without her. On perceiving her former husband in the same compartment, she tries to get down. But, the train has gathered speed and he saves her from falling and having an accident.

Within a few minutes, Ashok also appears in the compartment. Unable to suppress her ego, she pretends in front of Ashok that her marriage is an ideal one and has not been broken. Soon, Ashok comes to know about their divorce and gives them a showdown. Ashok keeps comparing them with his wife. On his wife’s birthday and their wedding anniversary, he goes to the same garden where they would meet before marriage. There, he sings and performs this song.

Song – Yeh wahi geet hai

Naqsh Layalpuri penned the song Yeh wahi geet hai and Jaidev set it to tune.

The man sings, “This is the same song, which I have stored in my heart like its beats. I have stolen it from your lips and decorated on mine.”

Video – Yeh wahi geet hai

Cinematography is by Fatik Majumdar.

The video opens with the camera panning the cool scenic beauty of a garden and coming to a stop near Jalal Agha, who is lying on a garden seat. He gets up looking at someone. All through the song, he appears to be singing and dancing with an invisible girl.

As they dance around, it appears that the girl falls into a pond. He pulls her back outside and wipes the water from her face. Jalal Agha has displayed very authentic acting abilities. It’s a tragedy that he did not get more such opportunities to perform in his short lifespan of 50 years.

Someone comes into the focus of the camera far off in the background. It is Rakesh Pandey, who comes toward his friend. As the song peters out, Jalal Agha is dancing with his invisible girlfriend and bumps into the other actor. The video ends there.


The song Yeh wahi geet hai was sung by Kishore Kumar for Jalal Agha. At the end of the song, Jalal Agha bumps into Rakesh Pandey.

Cultural Influence

This typically filmi song tries to copy the running-around-the-trees kind of songs from formula movies but in a different way. The man is visible. But, the girl is invisible. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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