Nouveaurees, Song of the Day: “You Should Dance”


This song from local Indianapolis band Nouveaurees’ latest release is sure to get you moving.

This week, we’ve been searching around for some of the best new music being made in Indianapolis right now. So far, we’ve covered the emerging jam band Porch Kat, and the solo artist Alex Beckman. While both of their songs were great, we might have one today that wins out the whole week.

But before we get into our song of the day, let’s first take a look at the local Indy band who made it.


Nouveaurees is an Indianapolis band that started in the fall of 2015. Guitarists Evan Snyder and Wes Eberhardt jammed out their first few blues and rock inspired tunes with drummer Brandon Stacy. Since then, Nouveaurees’ sound has evolved to encompass a range of styles from classic country and honky tonk to classic metal. Oddly enough, this combination gives their sound quite the classic rock feel.

While they’re a band that has been around the Indy music scene for the past few years, Nouveaurees recently released their debut album, “I’ll See You Now” this past June. The album includes songs with elements inspired by bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John, AC/DC, Tom Petty, and more. If you ask me, a lot of the songs also sound inspired by The Shins, especially “Some Fad”.

One quick note on the subject of quality: “I’ll See You Now” has it in spades. When you’re entrenched in any local music scene, you come across a lot of bands that release music with little care for production quality. Sometimes this is unpreventable due to budget constraints, and sometimes it’s just rash impatience. Nouveaurees, however, manage to deliver an album that sounds professionally produced. This care for craft comes through not only in the crisp production, but also in the songwriting itself.

“I’ll See You Now” may be Nouveaurees’ debut album, but it isn’t the band’s first release. In 2016, they put out the “Ain’t It Hard” EP, followed up in 2017 by another, “Some Fad”. Both EPs include songs that later made the debut album, including our song of the day, “You Should Dance”, which first made its appearance on “Ain’t It Hard”.

You Should Dance

“You Should Dance” is without a doubt the catchiest and most upbeat track on Nouveaurees’ debut album. Rooted in blues and rock, it’s structure is simple and familiar, but shines in the details. The driving beat, catchy riff, distorted guitar, and use of feedback give it the texture it needs. But Evan Snyder’s powerful voice pulls a lot of the weight in making the song stand out from your typical blues/rock track.

I have to come back to the production quality again, because it’s actually really impressive. The audio is well-balanced, the vocals come through clear as a bell, and the mixing is on point. “You Should Dance” does not sound as if it was written or performed by a small local band. In fact, I could easily picture this track making an appearance on an album by the likes of Spoon. I don’t know why, but there’s something about Evan Snyder’s vocals in “You Should Dance” that makes me think of Britt Daniel.

“You Should Dance” is an absolute pleasure to listen to. If it can’t get your feet moving, it’s sure to at least cause some heads to nod.

Final Thoughts

Even though they’ve only recently released their debut album, Nouveaurees promise to be a major name in the Indianapolis music scene. Be on the look out for them, as they frequently play live shows around the city. If you liked “You Should Dance”, be sure to check out the rest of their album, “I’ll See You Now” on Bandcamp.

That about does it for our discussion today. I hope you enjoyed listening to “You Should Dance” by Nouveaurees. We’ll be back tomorrow with another local Indianapolis artist to showcase.

If you’re looking for more coverage on the Indy music scene, be sure to check out the LemonWire Music Corner, where we’re bringing in local artists for interviews and special performances.


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