Damon Karl Sings “Beautiful Girl” at LemonWire


Last week, LemonWire invited local emerging artist Damon Karl into the Music Corner for an interview and a special performance of his song, “Beautiful Girl”.

Damon Karl is one of the many local talents in Indianapolis to keep an eye on. He has a beautiful voice, undeniable skill on the guitar, and writes songs straight from the heart. There’s no denying that Karl is a force to be reckoned with in Indy’s music scene.

With new appearances and music coming up, it was a treat to have Karl come in to LemonWire’s Music Corner to share his presence and talent.

Damon Karl

With all of the cruelty and suffering in the world just a click away, Damon Karl’s music falls on the ears like a refreshing dip in a pool of tranquility. His clear voice shines brightly in a world dominated by click bait and internet trolls. And his songs of love and unity are a signal of hope out to the world. Reminding us all that as long as there’s music, life isn’t too bad.

Damon Karl’s music is inspired by a deep love and appreciation for vintage R&B, but manages to sound completely contemporary at the same time. His R&B and soul influences can be glimpsed in his songs, but they’re made into something more when paired with Karl’s talent for songwriting.

Along with bringing a hopeful voice to his music, Karl also is an active member of the Indianapolis community. On November 22nd, he’ll be playing at the Quiet Storms of Domestic Violence Thanksgiving Matinee fundraiser.

When he came into LemonWire, Karl sat down for an interview with our staff, and then gave us a treat with a special performance of his 2018 single, “Beautiful Girl”. Since then, Karl has also released the new single, “Motives”, which is out now.

For more coverage on the Indy music scene, be sure to check out the LemonWire Music Corner, where we’re showcasing local talent from around the city.


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