Zachariah Thomas Plays at the LemonWire Music Corner


LemonWire spends some time with local Indy artist Zachariah Thomas.

If you’ve been following the open mic scene in Indianapolis at all over the past few years, it would be hard to miss Zachariah Thomas. This local singer, songwriter and guitarist plays at open mics all across the city. While his online presence may be somewhat lackluster, there’s no doubt that he is an active member of the Indianapolis community.

Keep reading to learn more about Zachariah Thomas and the new direction he’s heading in.

Zachariah Thomas in the Music Corner

About a month ago, LemonWire welcomed Zachariah Thomas into the Music Corner for a short interview and performance. From our conversation with Zachariah, we learned a lot about his history and journey as a musician. Here’s just a few fun facts about him: He has been writing songs for ten years. He’s looking to play at more house shows. And he’s planning on coming out with two songs to be released this coming December and January.

When asked about the nature of his new material, Thomas answered with a wry grin, “Songs you’ve never heard”. He followed this up by explaining that his new music will be focused in the genres of pop, hip hop, and soul. While this may seem like a drastic shift for a singer-songwriter who previously stuck to a solo act with a guitar, Thomas assured us that the guitar was mainly just for his live performances.

When it comes to the ultimate goal of his music, Thomas already had an answer ready. “My goal is to plant truths rather than to just draw people to, ‘look at me, look at me, look at me'”.

Zachariah Thomas hasn’t yet released any new material yet, but that only made his performance all the more satisfying. It was a special treat to have him play for us at the Music Corner, and hear him talk about the new direction his music is heading. You can listen to his performance of the song, “Silly Me” by watching the video above.

You can click here to view the full video of our interview with Zachariah Thomas. Be sure to check out the other local Indianapolis artists showcased in the LemonWire Music Corner.


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