Udi – Ria/Ashish


Today, we are beginning a new type of article featuring different Indie artists from Mumbai and elsewhere. The first artists, for this week, are Ashish Palanna and Ria D’Souza from the band Rhapsody Out Aloud (ROL). ROL has performed at a number of venues throughout Mumbai and all over the country. They even opened for the One Plus Music Festival, recently. In the video, Ria talks about their inspiring song Udi, which is composed and sung by Ashish and Ria. The lyrics were written by Kunal Jhavar.

Inspiration – Udi – Ria/Ashish

We asked them – how did they get inspired to start creating music. Ashish replied, “Being Christians, we are exposed to a lot of choir singing in Church. It’s a lot of music when we go to Church. We never learnt music. We are all self-taught musicians. Choir-singing inspired us to learn music on our own. And that is what is motivating us, even now.”


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