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The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in locations across the country. Below you’ll find a Qualification Summary for an active, open job listing from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The opening is for an Engineering Technician (Aerospace) in Edwards AFB, California Feel free to browse this and any other job listings and reach out to us with any questions!

Engineering Technician (Aerospace) – Edwards AFB, California
Armstrong Flight Research Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Job ID: 158861
Start Date: 11/01/2019
End Date: 11/18/2019

Qualification Summary
Applicant must have one year of specialized experience at the next lower grade, which has equipped the applicant with the particular competencies needed to successfully perform the duties of the position described above. For the GS-11 level:Examples of experience at the GS-10 level would be experience independently performing maintenance, inspections, repairs, modification and testing of Life Support/Egress Systems and all associated equipment. Operates and calibrates Life Support/ Egress System test equipment. Troubleshoots for unique and one of kind issues around Life Support/Egress Systems.For the GS-10 level:Examples of experience at the GS-09 level would be experience working on teams that perform maintenance, inspections, repairs, modification OR testing of Life Support/Egress System and all associated equipment. Operates and calibrates Life Support/Egress System test equipment.Your resume must include a clear and detailed narrative description, in your own words, of how you met the required specialized experience. Experiences copied from a position description, vacancy announcement or other reference material constitutes plagiarism and may result in disqualification and losing consideration for the job.This position may be filled at either the GS-10 or GS-11 level. Duties assigned will be commensurate with the grade of selected employee.Identification of promotion in this position does not constitute a commitment or an obligation on the part of management to promote the employee. Promotion will depend upon administrative approval and the continued need for an actual assignment and performance of higher level duties.

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