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The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in locations across the country. Below you’ll find a Qualification Summary for an active, open job listing from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The opening is for a Supervisory Prosthetic Representative (external) in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Feel free to browse this and any other job listings and reach out to us with any questions!

Supervisory Prosthetic Representative (external) – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs
Job ID: 157237
Start Date: 10/29/2019
End Date: 11/20/2019

Qualification Summary
To qualify for this position, applicants must meet all requirements by the closing date of this announcement, 11/20/2019. BASIC REQUIREMENTS Citizenship. Citizen of the United States. After a determination is made that it is not possible to recruit qualified citizens, necessary personnel may be appointed on a temporary basis under authority of 38 U.S.C. 7405 without regard to the citizenship requirements of 38 U.S.C. 7402 or any other law prohibiting the employment of or payment of compensation to a person who is not a citizen of the United States. Candidates must meet all other requirements for the grade level and position concerned. Experience and Education. Individual must meet at least one of the requirements below. Experience. One year of creditable experience that demonstrates: Knowledge of basic anatomy and medical terminology; knowledge of accounting methods; ability to research, analyze, comprehend, and apply decisions; basic knowledge of inventory management procedures; ability to use computer software packages for word processing, spreadsheet development, and database management; and ability to work independently and as a member of a team; or Education. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited educational institution AND at least 24 semester hours in course work related to health care, public administration, or business. The 24 semester hours could include but is not limited to any combination from the following fields: occupational therapy, physical therapy, kinesiotherapy, social work, psychology, prosthetics, orthotics, respiratory therapy, assistive technology, business law, leadership, healthcare, public administration, or business management. This course work may have been completed within the degree or in addition to the degree; or Experience/Education Combination. Equivalent combinations of experience and education are qualifying. Foreign Education. To be creditable, education completed outside the United States must have been submitted to a private organization that specializes in the interpretation of foreign educational credentials, and such education must have been deemed at least equivalent to experience gained in conventional United States programs. English Language Proficiency. Candidates will not be appointed under authority of 38 U.S.C. chapters 73 or 74, to serve in a direct patient-care capacity in VHA who are not proficient in written and spoken English. See Chapter 2, section D, paragraph 5a, this part. Grade Determinations. In addition to the basic requirements for employment, the following criteria must be met when determining the grade of candidates: GS-11 Prosthetic Representative (Full Performance Level) Experience. In addition to the basic requirements, one year of creditable experience equivalent to the GS-9 grade level, that is directly related to the position to be filled. Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. In addition to the experience above, the candidate must demonstrate all of the following KSAs: Ability to work independently to set priorities; delegate tasks; meet multiple deadlines; analyze organizational problems; and develop and implement effective solutions to optimize quality, efficiency, performance, and productivity. Ability to work with a team, to provide technical guidance, plan, organize, and coordinate activities to effectively complete job duties of assignment, such as distributing workload; and monitoring the accuracy, status and progress of work. Ability to communicate tactfully and effectively, both orally and in writing, to meet program objectives. This may include preparing reports in various formats and presenting data to various organizational levels. Ability to assist in staff development, outcome management, and strategic planning. Ability to act as liaison between staff to resolve informal employee complaints and concerns. Knowledge of rehabilitative treatment goals and strategies that are unique to patients in specialized programs and knowledge of those specific program requirements. GS-12 Prosthetic Representative (Supervisor) Experience. At least one year of experience equivalent to the GS-11 grade level. Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. In addition to the experience above, the candidate must demonstrate all of the following KSAs: Leadership and managerial skills, including skill in interpersonal relations and conflict resolution to deal with employees, team leaders, and managers. Ability to perform the full range of supervisory duties, including responsibility for assignment of work to be performed; evaluation of performance; selection of staff; and recommendation of awards, advancements, and disciplinary actions. Ability to manage a health care program that provides home medical equipment, rehabilitation services, home oxygen, visual or hearing impairment devices, assistive technology, orthotics, or prosthetics. Skill in coordinating work flow and work assignments. Ability to counsel patients and work effectively with a clinical team to resolve conflict. The full performance level of this vacancy is GS-11. The actual grade at which an applicant may be selected for this vacancy is GS-12. Physical Requirements: The work will include travel to visit contracted vendors for inventory control and monitoring. Physical exertion for this position will include both computer data input into the Prosthetic package, as well as standing, walking, bending, stooping, reaching and similar activities in and around inventory areas. The incumbent must be able to lift fifty (50) pounds on some occasions, and there will be instances when supplies will need to be moved for inventory purposes. The incumbent may be called upon to make patient home visits to areas where pavement is non-existent, requiring him/her to negotiate uneven terrain. Incumbent may be required to drive an automobile.

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