Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyar – Lata/Udit – Jatin-Lalit – Kajol/Shah Rukh | Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995)


Movie – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995)

This song, Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyar, was featured in Yash-Raj Films’ super-duper hit Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995), produced by Yash Chopra and directed by the debutante Aditya Chopra. The movie starred Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Amrish Puri, Anupam Kher, etc.

Londoner Baldev Singh (Amrish Puri), yearns to return to his native place Punjab. He lives with his wife Lajwanti or Lajjo (Farida Jalal) and daughters Simran (Kajol) and Chutki (Pooja Ruparel). Simran is a budding poet and fantasizes about a boy. Lajjo tells her daughter that dreams are dreams – they cannot come true.

One day, Punjab (India) resident Ajit (Satish Shah) sends a letter to Baldev, reminding him about a promise that they made to each other 20 years ago, i.e. to get Simran married to Ajit’s son Kuljeet (Parmeet Sethi). Simran is disappointed that she would have to marry someone, she has not even met.

Meanwhile, one night, Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) misbehaves with Baldev, in the latter’s shop at closing time and makes away with a box of beer, throwing the money at him. Baldev is furious and brands Raj a disgrace to India.

Raj and Simran’s friends decide to go on a trip across Europe, independent of each other. Raj’s father allows him to go on the tour. With difficulty, Simran convinces her strict father to allow her to go with her friends on the vacation. Consequently, Raj and Simran meet on the trip. He continuously flirts with her, which irritates her. In one of the stops, they go gallivanting around the place and miss the train.

They spend the cold night together and the next morning Raj lies to her that they had sex at night. But soon, he relents and says that he knew about Indian girls and their conservative attitude toward sex.

I have a question for the makers of these kinds of cinema – should a girl be considered a good actor if only her underwear is seen during the course of a movie? I remember to have read somewhere that producers (read ‘and financers’) only select girls for a movie role if she replies positively to the question – will you drop your clothes in front of the camera – without batting an eyelid.

Is being nude in front of the camera a sign of good acting abilities? Several actors have fallen into this trap of the male chauvinistic filmmakers, the prominent ones included. These filmmakers make sure that their own women do not enter the film world. But, they are willing to strip others’ daughters for a vulgar portrayal of women. This is a time for some introspection.

Spending time together brings the 2 protagonists close and they strike a friendship. Then, Simran reveals that she would be getting married to a stranger. First Raj and then Simran realize that they have fallen in love. They don’t confess and go their own ways. This song is heard at this point in the background.

Song – Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyar

Anand Bakshiand Jatin-Lalit penned the lyrics and composed the tune Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyar, respectively.

Both the man and the girl realize that they are in love with each other. But, each does not know about the other’s feelings.

Video – Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyar

The cinematography is by Manmohan Singh. Saroj Khan-Farah Khan is credited with the dance choreography.

The video begins with Kajol being left alone at London Railway Station by Shah Rukh Khan. People are moving about the premises of the station. Kajol is sad. The music has begun. She turns to go back home. A female voice begins to sing the song in the background. Then, a male voice joins her.

The next shot of a red car on a road bordered by greenery is beautiful. He has to stop when he sees Kajol with some sheep. She begins to sing and moves away, leaving him behind. On the other hand, a lonely Kajol walks a small road with a few pedestrians, with her luggage.

Shah Rukh Khan passes her and catches hold of her hand. Then, he also begins to sing. Obviously, both are imagining that the other comes back to them, to make them realize their love. They also begin to sing this song on the way home.

It begins to rain and Kajol runs to safety under a tree. She sees Shah Rukh Khan playing his guitar sitting on a horseless carriage. She thinks she is dancing with him in the rain. But then, she is alone.

Kajol imagines Shah Rukh Khan encircling her on a bicycle. He reaches his home in his car. Kajol is also back home and is welcomed by Farida Jalal, Pooja Ruparel and Amrish Puri. When she runs back out of the house to bring her luggage inside, she thinks Shah Rukh Khan is taking her leave. The song peters out and the video ends there.


Lata Mangeshkar and Udit Narayan have sung Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyar. Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan make their onscreen presence felt. Other actors look on.

Cultural Influence

The hero reveals that he had several affairs before but never fell in love. But, Simran is a virgin and an epitome of virtue. I am not saying that Simran should have had affairs. You know, I am a prude. I want to know why these rules do not apply to Indian men. They will either have it this way.

Or they will have a situation like in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (2014) where the lead pair has sex after supposedly falling in love and she leaves him because she is betrothed to someone else. The hero goes to the heroine’s home to seek her hand in marriage after that.

I don’t say that you should not have sex. But, sex is a package that comes with responsibility. Irresponsible people do not have the right to have sexual flings. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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