The Main Squeeze, Song of the Day: “I’ll Take Another”


Indiana-native jam band The Main Squeeze released their second volume of live performances a few months ago. “I’ll Take Another” was just one of the many songs featured from their 2018 performance at the Vogue in Broad Ripple.

Going forward, we’re trying to put a greater emphasis on showcasing some of the amazing musical talent that has come out of Indiana. Yesterday, we looked at local Indy duo Brother O’ Brother’s most recent single, “Cyborg”. Today, we’re moving on to probably the best jam band to have ever come out of Indiana.

But before we get into our song of the day, let’s first take a look at the origins of The Main Squeeze.

The Main Squeeze

The Main Squeeze began as a local jam band in Bloomington, IN around 2010. Initially, they were mostly a party band for the IU crowd. But over time, as they became more cemented in the local scene, released new material, and started touring, The Main Squeeze’s popularity soared. Their self-titled debut album released in 2012, followed by “Mind Your Head” in 2015, which was produced by Randy Jackson. In 2017, The Main Squeeze released their third full-length studio album, “Without a Sound”.

Now based in Los Angeles, The Main Squeeze nevertheless make a point to pay homage to their Indiana roots during tours with regular stops in Bloomington, Goshen, and Indianapolis.

This year, The Main Squeeze released “Squeeze Live Vol. 2”, a follow up to their 2017 release of live performances. Of the eight tracks featured, five of them come from their performance at the Vogue in November of 2018. So if you were lucky enough to see them during that performance, you might just be able to hear yourself cheering in the crowd.

I’ll Take Another

“I’ll Take Another” is a Main Squeeze mainstay for their live sets. Having first been recorded on their self-titled 2012 album, it remains a crowd favorite for its irresistible blend of funk, heavy rock, jazz, and improvisation.

Every element that makes The Main Squeeze great as a band is showcased in “I’ll Take Another”. Corey Frye’s passionate vocals, Reuben Gingrich’s relentless drumming, Rob Walker’s ever-funky bass, and of course, the back and forth solos between Ben Silverstein’s keys and Max Newman’s flawless guitar.

While the original recording of “I’ll Take Another” spans about nine and a half minutes, the live versions can range anywhere between twelve and fifteen minutes long, depending on how into the extended improvisations they get. Regardless of length, what you end up getting is a roughly ten minute display of impeccable musicianship. If you don’t believe me, you either haven’t seen The Main Squeeze in person, or you need to listen to this song right now.

Final Thoughts

“I’ll Take Another” is just one example of the skill and craftsmanship behind The Main Squeeze’s success. And The Main Squeeze are similarly just one example of the kind of talent that can be found in Indiana. If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check them out when they come to the Vogue on November 27th. They’ll give you a show you won’t forget.

If you’re looking for more coverage on the Indianapolis music scene, be sure to check out the LemonWire Music Corner, where we interview and host local artists.

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