Review: David Starfire’s “Future Self”


David Starfire’s new EP, “Future Self” blends dubstep, trap, and global bass sounds into six epic, world-fusion tracks.

If you haven’t already heard of David Starfire, you either aren’t following the EDM community closely enough, or just aren’t paying attention. A proclaimed pioneer of the global bass genre, Starfire specializes in producing world-fusion blended with a healthy dose of electric dance energy. He has performed internationally, from Egypt to Thailand, Norway to Costa Rica and Mexico, as well as most major European cities.

Along with international performances, Starfire has also played at nearly every major music festival, including Coachella, Burning Man, Eclipse, Outside Lands, and more. He is also a prolific collaborator, and has worked alongside the likes of Ooah, Beats Antique, Alex Grey, William Close, and Grammy Nominated vocalist Chaytanya.

Keeping with this trend of collaboration, “Future Self” contains three remixes with Zebbler Encanti Experience, Dissolv, and SOOHAN, and three collaborations with musicians across the globe.

Future Self

David Starfire’s new EP kicks off with “Vishnu”, a collaboration with Indian multi-instrumentalist Shiri. The track is an epic example of Starfire’s ability to fuse genres, as well as his taste for world music. With an eclectic mix of sounds and a variety of percussive techniques, “Vishnu” is instantaneously catchy. A strong opener that sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

In “Izgrejala”, Starfire collaborates with middle-eastern artist Stellamara to bring an amped-up dance track brimming with nuance. The bass drops here are heavy, and the build ups supremely satisfying when paired with Stellamara’s ethereal vocals.

“Osho” brings a double collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and producer Jef Stott, and Ganga Giri. At the halfway point of the EP, “Osho” begins with a subdued tone, choosing to highlight an acoustic guitar before the inevitable bass drop and spliced vocals. The presence of energetic strings during the drop does a good job of grounding it, making the transitions smooth and natural.

The first half of the EP is characterized by collaborations, while the second half is reserved for remixes. The first of these, “Primal (Zebbler Encanti Experience Remix)”, is a mesmerizing, electronic escapade, sure to both disorient and captivate you. A refreshingly energetic and unique blend.

“This Sound (Dissolv Remix)” by Starifre and Justin Terranova” brings the energy level back down for a more ethereal mix. Despite the slight dip in energy, “This Sound” still manages to hook you in for a hypnotic ride.

The final track of the EP, “Jungle (ft. Patrick D.) (SOOHAN Remix)” is perhaps one of the more sonically interesting of them all. The rhythmic vocals fall into a driving and irresistible groove. Finishing up the EP with this banger feels like the final reward for listening through the entirety of “Future Self”.

Final Thoughts

David Starfire’s “Future Self” is a triumph of EDM and global bass fusion. Each carefully crafted track manages to simultaneously stand on its own and support the EP as a whole. Even if you don’t think you’re a fan of EDM or dubstep, chances are high that you’ll find something to fall in love with on “Future Self”. I can speak from experience on this one. I’m not a huge EDM or dubstep fan myself, but I found “Future Self” surprisingly satisfying.

“Future Self” is set to release on November 8th through Gravitas Recordings. For more information and updates, you can check out David Starfire’s SoundCloud page. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

David Starfire is currently touring for “Future Self”, with stops in Oregon, California, and North Carolina. You can get updates on concert dates and the “Future Self” tour by visiting his website here.


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