Le chalo le chalo – Vani/Mukesh – Jaidev – Rehana/Rakesh | Maan Jaiye (1972)


Movie – Maan Jaiye (1972)

The song Le chalo le chalo appeared in Vasudha Productions’ family drama Man Jaiye (1972) produced by B D Pande and directed by B R Ishara. The movie starred Rakesh Pandey, Rehana Sultan, Jalal Agha, etc.

College lecturer Ajay Sharma (Rakesh Pandey) is a chauvinist, considering women second-rate citizens, slaves of men and his opinions are reflected in his articles in a magazine. Suman Acharya (Rehana Sultan) catches him on camera in a compromising position with her. Then, she tells him to change his views and publish an article extolling women. She also threatens him that she would publish the pictures in the same magazine if he did not comply with her wishes. The confrontation results in Suman realizing that the publication of the pictures could make him lose his job. So, they decide to call it a truce and fall in love with each other to get married in a temple. This song appears at this point in the movie.

Song – Le chalo le chalo

Naqsh Layalpuri penned the song Le chalo le chalo and Jaidev set it to tune.

The girl wants the man to take her away from the other people so that they are not disturbed by the people. The man insists that she think it over again.

Video – Le chalo le chalo

Cinematography is by Fatik Majumdar.

The video opens with the shots of beautiful scenery and the music beginning in the background. Rehana Sultan begins to sing and Rakesh Pandey replies to her.

Rakesh Pandey is still not sure if she can actually carry on the responsibilities of married life with him.

But, she convinces him and they turn back to move away from the camera. The song peters out and the video ends there.


The song Le chalo le chalo was sung by Vani Jairam and Mukesh for Rehana Sultan and Rakesh Pandey, respectively.

Cultural Influence

This is a typically filmi song, in which the heroine asks the hero to take her away from the routine stuff. The song is a little idealistic. How much can we run away from routine stuff? After all, we have to live in this world. (Of course, this will be until human beings can leave the earth and go and settle on another planet. But then, if several people are together there as well, the couple will not get any solitude.)


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