Sinkhole opens, swallows part of city bus during rush hour


PITTSBURGH (AP) – The front of a city bus is up in the air after a sinkhole opened under it during rush hour in downtown Pittsburgh.

The Port Authority of Allegheny County says only the driver and one passenger were aboard the bus when it plunged into the hole Monday morning.

The passenger was taken to a hospital for a minor injury, and the driver was not injured.

The agency tweeted that the bus was at a red light when the street gave way and the rear half plunged into the hole.

The front of the bus pitched into the air, and the front wheels of a car that was behind it dangled over the hole’s edge.

The bus remained stuck into the evening.

Pittsburgh police officers stand near a Port Authority bus that had fallen into a sinkhole along 10th Street and Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh on Monday, Oct. 28, 2019. The bus and a car fell in the sinkhole shortly before 8 a.m. One person was taken to the hospital for a minor injury. (Kristina Serafini/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review via AP)