Music of Cream scheduled to play Clyde Theatre in Fort Wayne


For classic rock fans, the recent passing of Cream drummer, Ginger Baker remains a shock. While that reality cannot be avoided, fans can still partake in the sound of Cream, when Music of Cream plays  Clyde Theatre, at 1808 Bluffton Rd. 96XKE presents the Music of Cream: 50th Anniversary World Tour.

As part of a world tour to mark the 50th anniversary of Cream, the heirs of the original musicians are taking up the mantle and bringing the beloved songs to life.

Music of Cream is scheduled to take the stage Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m. The concert is presented by radio station 963XKE.

Music of Cream: rock ‘n’ roll heirs

As its name implies, Music of Cream seeks to keep the music of Cream alive. Baker’s passing made classic rock fans note exactly what the genre would be missing. His style, thundering and nuanced is arguably unparalleled. But Music of Cream will likely feature a return to that style.

The band is comprised of a nephew of Eric Clapton, and a son each of Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce: Will Johns, Kofi Baker, and Malcolm Bruce. The group is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Cream in a world tour.

Music of Cream’s show will be an all-ages event with reserved seating. Tickets start at $29.50.

Music of Cream and Cream’s beloved songs

While diehard fans will have their own list of iconic hits, Cream’s popular songs are known to classic rock fans all over the world. The band’s legendary works still receive radio airplay and remain stunning in their fervor and musicianship.

Songs like “White Room,” “Strange Brew” and “Sunshine of Your Love” all have a sound unlike any other rock song. From Clapton’s vocals and guitar-playing to Baker’s big, yet stylish drumming and Bruce’s resonant bass, Cream had a big sound for a trio, and that is part of the reason they are still respected 50 years later.

Music of Cream will bring back that big sound packaged in a trio. For more information on the show, visit:

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